The Next Decade Needs a New Weekday. A New Green Day Will Reverse Global Warming Now.

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14 min readFeb 12, 2020
Still we can see the moon in an everlasting slow dance around our planet. More cloudy weather can make the view difficult for the future generations. This darkend moon was shot right out of my window a few years ago.

This will happen long before the End of 2030. If we wait until 2050 set in the UN protocol the world will burn.

We can’t hope global warming will stop in 2050 based on the agreements in the UN climate panel protocols. We need action now. An 8th day solution starts working from the day it is implemented in our calendar.

We use every day to produce pollution. It is enough now. We need a new weekday to do nothing, the 8th day. Mother Earth has begged us for such a day for decades now. Now we are into the most critical decade in the history of mankind. We need to stop putting more fuel into the weather systems that knocks back more brutal than atomic bombs. We need to give our planet a break, and keep on with more breaks so our blue planet Tellus can recover and survive the exposure of mankind.

They say that Green is the last color you recognize, because it is the middle of our visible spectrum. We need to focus on the Green chlorophyll which produce the oxygen that everyone walking on this planet depends on to survive, not to kill it.

If you are able to read these words you have heard about the ongoing global warming, and you also know the facts related to the problem. Then you have also heard about people denying the facts because they believe this is not caused by human activity. I am not a believer. I know the facts and I have seen the changes through 6 decades.

In the last 6 years we have measured the 5 highest global temperatures in the last 100 years. The rapid changes in the weather systems could be seen not only outside my window, but all over the world. Deserts spread and forest disappear more rapidly than ever before and leave us with less oxygen.

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Human activity has put to much fuel into the weather systems, and now we get more weather. More weather simply means more devastating heat waves, more rain, unexpected thunderstorms and more hurricanes or thypoons with destroying wind-speeds we have never seen before.

What can we do to stop the global warming?

The simple answer is to do nothing. Just sit down and do nothing. Our politicians has met all over the world during three decades and tried to come up with a solution to solve the global warming problem. The naked truth is that our leaders has not been able to make an agreement how to do it.

Since the negotiations about to set a goal on how to stop global warming started in the nineties the temperature on our planet has increased by 1 C, and you do not need a calculator to understand that the goal for 2050 is impossible to meet. These conferences has been held 25 times now and air pollution increases faster than ever. We need a new solution that works now, not a solution that all scientists know is not working 30 years into the future.

Enjoy the 8th day and watch the air gets clean. Photo by Katie Barrett on Unsplash

The best solution is to sit down once a week and do nothing, close down our planet for one day. This could be done in the simple way of putting one new day into the week. The 8th day of the week should be used for doing nothing, and without the human activity that fuels the weather systems which knocks back harder than ever.

The 8th day is the solution to reverse global warming now, not in 2050.

Yes, the 8th day is a brand new day every week to let our planet breathe. What will you do when you can’t go to work? When you can’t travel? When you can’t go shopping? When you can’t drive your kids to school? You can’t drive your car? You can’t use the internet? You can’t load your phone?

Then you simply need to relax until tomorrow, and forget all activities that you do that have an impact on air pollution.Then the next day you are allowed to start acting like you do on a normal day.

The result of implementation of the 8th day is reduction of the air pollution that causes the global warming, and if we start today then we can see the result next week. If we implement it next year, then we can see the result next year and not wait 30 years to see no results. The 8th day is simple math and a win win for everyone, even a win for the cheaters until they realize they are the big looser.

Will there be any difference?

Yes, you will wake up to fresh air with less traces from human activity. And this new experience might also make everyone realize that our planet needs such break to get back on track again. The benefits of such hard cure is that we can reduce air pollution by more than 10 % every week. This reduction will start one week after we implement the 8th day into our calendar, and not in 2050. In the next 10 years we have a possibility to do this 500 times or almost 1 and a half year without pollution. If we implement the 8th day from the 8th of January 2021 when the next decade starts, then the reduction in air pollution will make such big impact on the ongoing global warming that the process is reversed before the decade ends in 2030.

Nothing about this idea needs scientific explanations to be understood

We need clean energy like hydro power. Photo by Alex Bagirov on Unsplash

The fact is that implementation of the 8th day will reduce air pollution by more than 10 % every week. So far there are no better idea. The challenges to implement the 8th day is there, but they can all be solved. You can’t apply for a patent on the 8th day. Maybe some challenges to implement it gives you an opportunity to do so. I am not looking for any credits. This is a free gift to the world. Some readers will understand the idea quickly and others need to read it over again to understand how simply to do “nothing” will get the world back on track. And a lot of people don’t want to understand the benefits, but that is another story.

A day without power…

The main thing is that the big polluters like air traffic, cars, factories, ships and even your barbecue gas grill should be shut down on the 8th day. This will become the new standard on the day when you stay at home eating bread or biscuits, or anything you don’t need to heat. Remember to keep the fridge door closed most of the day. I long to use my soup Thermos for the first time. What about you?

A day without coffee?

Yes, you don’t need to do anything. Just relax on the sofa, and let the world recover. You don’t need your eyes open, because the TV screen is black. Tomorrow your coffee will taste better than ever.

You need a planet to start living… Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

On the 8th day you don’t need to drive our car or go to work or shopping. The shops will be closed. Airplanes on the ground. No sport events. No kids pickups at school or elsewhere. Polluting power plants shut down for one day. Black TV screens for one day. You have to stay where you are. You have to walk, run, swim or use your bicycle if you absolutely need to go somewhere else. Don’t say it will not work. We tried this back in the seventies when the so called oil crisis occurred. A lot of people still remember those happy Sundays walking in the middle of the streets, talking together in a group without rising their voices.

Also on a winter day you will ask? Yes on winter days too. I am sure you have clothes in your locker to keep you warm for one winter day, or maybe it’s time gather together to keep warm in one room instead of 4 separate. Some people might know about a similar experience down the basement shelter on windy days. This is about a solution to prevent the weather going amok over and over again.

How can we organize the “new” day?

There are for sure things that can not be closed down on the eight day. Hospital, rescue and water supply we still have to handle. The thing is that we can find a system to keep lifesaving not suffering. The world wide web has maybe spun the net too tight into absolutely needed duties, and it is hard too close down for one day. But the access to the web could be denied for one day, just like you are locked out when you forgot to pay the bill. Most of 24/7 business and services can be held closed for one day. People survived in those days when the shop down on the corner was open only in daytime and closed every Sunday. We need a “new” Sunday now. A green day to put our planet on rehab every week.

The calendar will look a little different with an 8th day, but still 5 or 6 working days.

When the 8th day is performed a year will have 45 weeks plus 4 extra days every year, and 5 extra days every third year. We can put in 2 extra green days every spring and autumn, or one for every season. We need to bring new green days into the world, not excuses to prevent it. Complicated? Not at all. Our computer technicians and mathematicians will love new challenges. It is just a new green column in the calendar and then it is done. By the way 8 is a good luck number to many people, and all humans and our planet needs good luck now to survive.

The list of things we can’t stop for a day will be longer than the few things I mentioned, but us people are smart and we will find solutions. If you know you can’t charge your phone or laptop before the day after tomorrow then you will learn to be careful with the power use. And you will need less power when you can’t surf on the internet. It will be much worser the day we have shutdowns because of bad weather and you never know for how long.

Honestly, time can be measured in days, 4 seasons and years from the view from our planet. What is before, between, behind and in front of our observation is math or algebra. What is then the difference between 7 and 8th days a week? The difference will be that when a new week start the air has no pollution from the days before, unless cheaters continue to cheat. The more problems we make for our planet the more problems we have to solve.

The first cry I heard against the 8th day was the budgets. What about the budgets, your plans, what about mine? I came to this earth to live here. No-one was there giving me a budget on my arrival day. We simply share the same budget, and if you absolutely need to know how much you earn in 396 days then make a new budget. I just wanna know that the view for the next years is a live able planet, since I don’t plan a rocket launch to try to survive.

An equal green world for everyone. Photo by Brittani Burns on Unsplash

I am sure the Chinese people now suffering from the corona virus restrictions loves the cleaner air in their cities due to less activity. The same thing will happen all over the world when the 8th day has been put into the calendar.

We need restrictions on our behaviors, and so do our politicians and leaders too.

I have reminded people who travel a lot, or travel much to much; that they alone have left a condensing stripe or two around the planet. We can’t go on with this behavior. And the pollution from air traffic isn’t even regulated in any protocols. Imagine the footprints from every member of the UN congress through 25 meetings and pre-meetings… So far I have only heard about one person traveling to those congresses without a footprint. And still after 3 decades and 25 meetings the result is only more pollution, promises, and the shadows of their shame spun around the sky.

We need action now to stop the global warming.

You don’t need to be a scientist to understand that the work our politicians do is useless and the goals set in the protocols so far could never be fulfilled. This means the weather systems will go amok and destroy our planet, and rising sea levels will stop human activity and make billions climate refugees.

UN has the power, but what about the will?

About next years IPCC report…

Leaks from next year(2021) report from the UN climate panel IPCC show that the models they used to create the goal(less than 2 C temperature rise by 2050) to stop the global warming has been to weak and the increase of 2 C in the global temperature will happen long before 2050, maybe as soon as in 2030. This is really bad news for our planet and the need for an 8th day solution even more obvious. Today the biggest cheaters are US and China since the two nations are the biggest polluters by 50 % of the global total, and this fact needs no further explanation.

The funny fact is that Chinese people contribute with 7 tons of CO2 a year each(totally 10 trillion tons), but every US citizen contribute with 15 tons each(totally 5 trillion tons), but air traffic and the unknown military emissions is not baked into these numbers.

This activity needs a break once a week. Photo by Ella Ivanescu on Unsplash

The next 3 countries on the CO2 emission list India, Russia and Japan contribute about the same as US, but each citizen in Japan and Russia with 10 tons each and the citizens of India with about 2 tons each.

Don’t tell me it is better for our planet that US backed by 25 % of their citizens undermines the process of getting the world back on track again and withdraw from the Paris agreement. What will happen if the rest of the world boycott US?

The 8th day is a solution that will reduce air pollution a week after it is implemented, and a fair and equal solution to all nations and their citizens unless they continue to cheat.

Set the UN Security Council and declare the 8th day to stop the crises.

The UN Security Council is set to handle global crises not only wars started by US presidents, but also incidents like the global warming out of control. It will be their job to implement the 8th day, and save the world from collapsing.

The outside is now the inside… Photo by Nicole Baster on Unsplash

Today we don’t see people gather in the streets in the big cities because the air in the streets are to polluted. All major cities has problems related to car traffic and the problems increased severely when the diesel engines was introduced in personal cars.

The only time people use the streets now is when the politicians and government has gone too far in making the people responsibe for their own mistakes. We have seen a lot of those gatherings the last year. It will be impossible for politicians to run away from their responsibility to not have stopped the global warming.

Imagine when people gather together on the 8th day singing and dancing in the streets to praise a new green day without pollution. The return of city life. Maybe the same people who relay on gun smoke to treat their habitants will learn something and realize that the smoke of guns is also pollution we don’t need at all.

The 8th day will be a win win situation for everyone.

The impact of an 8th day won’t favor any nation unless yours is the first one to implement it. All nations will have the same goal to bring our planet back on track again. The performance of the 8th day is so easy. It is a solution that works immediately. There are no arguments against it. If we wait to implement this day another day will occur; the day of no return.

Our blue planet Tellus above its moon. Photo Unsplash

Every week will get an extra day, and the income for those who need to earn money 24/7 now will get the same income every week. On a yearly basis the incomes will drop. In the long run it doesn’t matter, the days to earn and spend money will be the same. The 24/7 world is linked tight to the overuse of our planet and mostly performed by a few of us.

The Weather is going berserk and that is already seen all over the world. We need to make dramatical changes to stop these wild moments happen. If we can reduce pollution around 90 % on the 8th day then it is done. The air will be significant better, the earth starts to recover. Peoples brains gets more oxygen and start working better. This will bring the world forward into a more predictable future, thanks to implementation of the 8th day.

People need the red days to recover, our planet need the new green days to breathe and refurb.

Why do the superrich need an income every day and every night? Slow down, your oversized coats and your upper undersized and downward oversized dresses could be a death trap when the hurricane hits the red carpet.

We can name the day after whatever is a tradition in each country or: Earth day. No day. Green day. Our day. Free day or Air day. I have explained the purpose of the day, and the name is not the issue the purpose is. The 8th day is a solution to solve the biggest problem humans and our planet face at the moment, and we all know what it is…

A new day to refresh the air we breathe and save our planet

If we take one of our existing days and use the 8th day idea on this day then the process to refurbish our planet will go even faster because 1/7 is a bigger number than 1/8. Simple math? Yes, it is. But this solution only give 3 days more recovery on a yearly basis than the 8th day(45 weeks + 4 days) model.

Therefore the real 8th day model is better due to the brand new purpose, and the impact of a new start. There are no better idea to keep our planet alive. And the 8th day solution starts working immediately, and will reduce the worldwide emissions by 10 % one week after it’s implemented. And we need to act now, because waiting on our politicians solutions is hazardous for our planet Tellus.

The last weeks has showed what a break in the 24/7 machinery can do to air pollution. Have you heard about clear blue sky in Beijing during the Olympics? Now it happens again!

Now, just now is a golden moment to implement the idea of a weekly break in the rally for more money without respect for Mother Earth and her habitants.

Will there be a next chapter then? Yes, the details. But you already know…

We need to start with clean papers now after the COVID-19 has reminded us about the fragile, complex and brutal life on the blue planet.

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