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The Only Time There Is No Choice But To Be Strong

Yemen Story — Episode 5…

Photo by Alireza Nazarnia on Unsplash

You’ve got to stay strong to be strong in tough times — Alireza Nazarnia

It is like a deja vu! I am writing on being strong when I randomly search for a suitable photo, and this appears from Alireza. Amazingly, the location description contains the quote. Subhana Allah. All Praises Belongs to Him.

How do you become strong? I don’t know the absolute answer. But I am guessing that Alireza mentioned it already.

Often we do not know how to be strong. We will be strong within when we have no choice but to be strong.

Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains, am I right?

My dervish sister in Yemen reminded me of golden advice.

It is when you are weak, God is strong.

It comes at the right time after the passing on from a family recently. It is nearing an end to a contract, managing the Will of the deceased takes time and energy, and bearing side effects of a pandemic virus. All at one go. Has not to God-given me one challenge after another?

Now the key is how do I stay strong? What purpose are all these tests?

It reminded me of an experience when I got admitted to the labor ward overseas. Yemen.

Hospitalization In Yemen?

I wasn’t going to give birth. The hospital culture is different from ours. In excruciating labor pain, the women were warriors. Their husbands were not by their side. The men waited outside.

I got in pain for already a week. It left me almost immobilized waist down. I was at the hospital in Shibam where there was a woman specialist. She suggested transferring me to another hospital in Tarim. All these places I mentioned were in Yemen.

I had growth that needed to be removed.

I slept over in the labor ward. I was on a drip for the sudden rise in blood pressure. The pain escalated, and so was my blood pressure. The specialist doctor came the next day and checked on me. All she said was I did not need to worry.

I got told that I would sleep due to an anesthetic injection. I would not feel any pain.

They injected me 3-times. I was awake.

I walked to the operating room myself. Yes, I walked. I lay on the metal trolley bed without a mattress. Entering the room of metal bed trolleys without the mattresses felt like being on a death bed. I saw the shiny knives and other surgery or operating tools.

No amount of chants or prayers could describe my emotions or feelings anymore.

The injections had no effects.

I was awake.

I spread my legs apart in the labor position.

The doctor came in from the back door. It was her vacation leave. She came back at the request of the male scholar who wanted me to have the best doctor. She said her prayer. I said mine.

The knife touched my skin, and the doctor pierced it into my flesh to start a cut. I felt the blade into my skin and flesh. I remembered it was that moment I had no choice but to be strong. I was as good as feeling helpless. I do not know which prayer was helpful or did the miracle.

I said in my heart, “I give up, Lord. It is up to You now.” (signs o surrender?)

I groaned fiercely, and at the threshold, I could not bear the knife cut anymore. I was about to cry, but the pain stopped so suddenly.

I looked up.

I saw the doctor smile and wave goodbye. It was over.

I smiled too, forgetting the whole experience of the knife on my flesh.

I waved her goodbye like we were best friends.

Then, I realized that a nurse stood next to me. She injected another dose of liquid which I did not know what liquid that was. I did not feel pain.

She smiled. I smiled too.

After 5 minutes, I got up and walked to the recovery ward. Yes, I walked. I had no idea how I did it. How did I feel after the whole experience? It felt like empowerment within me. But, I would not want to go through that experience again.

My dervish sister said, “Because you left it to God, sister…He is strong in the state you were weak and helpless.”

Being Strong

We do not know how to be strong often. I experienced it myself when I was in Yemen. I did not have my family members with me. Nobody visited me. Nobody sends any box of goodies and whatsoever to me.

  • You will be strong when you have no choice but to be strong
  • When you give it all up to God, He deals with it so, I learned to let go and let God deals
  • Never underestimate your meditations and spiritual chants for the least it helps you to stay afloat and calm

Why do I think of sharing this article?

Pain Won’t Last Forever

When being tested with the pandemic virus, some people think you are just so unlucky or unfortunate. Some people believe that mishaps befallen someone due to sins.

I smiled. I praise Allah. And when I said that happily, they reacted differently. They thought I was crazy. Or perhaps I am weird.

Trials and tribulation come as a form of stretching our faith to be stronger. Faith cannot be any stronger if we remain in the same comfort zone or the same spot all the time.

These shall soon pass.

The knife that cuts my flesh was over. It wasn’t me who was strong. The strength came from God.

Thank you for reading if you came to this far end of the Yemen story. I appreciate it.

I recommend Phoenix Mōsher's article here. Tough times don’t last forever but tough spirits do. I always try to keep remembering within.

The hardest battles are always given to the strongest soldier. — Romans

💌Remember, we are stronger together. We rise by lifting up one another. 💌



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