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The only writing advice you would ever need

It’s normal going everyone looking for the next writing advice that would suddenly make you Shakespeare. You opened this article because you thought that with this point, you would be the best writer — it would undoubtedly improve you, but it deals more with your mind than with what you write.

I’ve been writing steadily on Medium for over 6 weeks now, which I would never have thought possible if I didn’t agree on it. That decision has created opportunities for me because I showed clues.

Every freelance writer should blog

If all you do is search for writing advice, you’ve already gotten it wrong. Who do you think would grasp the understanding of a particular concept better: The person that spends all his time looking for a teacher or the other person that goes right ahead to learn it himself?

Writing like any other thing, demands that you go in yourself and keep trying until you get better. I was watching Ayodeji Awosika’s Youtube video, where he answered some questions relating to writing on Medium. He talked about how people write for 5 minutes and start to complain that something doesn’t work out for them.

Those people got that way because they were looking for shortcuts and weren’t willing to put in the work for in the long-run.

The only writing advice you would ever need is to keep at it.

You may read a thousand and one other advice on the internet, but that’s what you’ll ever need. When you believe within yourself that writing for you is forever, you’re a step ahead. That’s the mentality that would keep you in the long haul.

“I believe that a good writer doesn’t really need to be told anything except to keep at it.” — Chinua Achebe

Writing regularly should be your only Job if you’re still struggling to get paid from your writing.

You may think pitching clients is better, but when you focus on writing, prospects will start to reach out to you for work instead of the other way around.

There’s a lot of cold emailing that goes on the internet, and while I convinced it’s an excellent way to go, attracting clients to you through your positioning is far beneficial.

Your positioning as a writer is crucial. Thankfully, you have strategies to incorporate as a writer, to make clients come to you rather than pitching all day.

Linkedin, Guest posting, and Medium

There was an article I read one time where they talked about how it’s essential to write on platforms your prospects use. Most of your prospects use Medium or Linkedin.

Linkedin is like a virtual resume that shows all you’ve done by just jumping on your profile. And if people have been noticing you continuously, they would want to reach out to you.

It takes effort on your end to optimize your Linkedin profile and make it appealing to whoever lands on it. I wrote a value-packed guide that shows how writers can adequately optimize their Linkedin profile to attract clients.

Linkedin has been instrumental to my growth as a writer, and with the right touch, anyone can benefit from it too.

Guest posting involves you pitching but not for work this time, but for your article to be featured. Guest posts are your opportunity to add value to a new set of audience, and when you do, people would want to reach out to you to inquire about what you can do for them.

Some blogs pay for your story, while others are strictly for exposure — even so, both of them still offer you benefits.

They offer you the positioning you would need to improve your exposure. While you’re active on Linkedin, try to connect with other bloggers and reach out to them for Guest posts. You will get a positive response 8 times out of 10 if you guys are connected on Linkedin before you reach out to them.

At the end of the guest post, leave a call to action that would direct the readers to your Website, Linkedin, Medium, or directly to your email address.

Think beyond the pay you get from Medium and more of the exposure you create. Medium has about 60 million users. Every one of them can’t see your articles, but you can concentrate on the people you can reach through the Publications you get featured in.

Publications make your articles explode, and if you keep at it for long enough, your name would stick to your readers’ minds — the more people your content gets to, the higher the chances of people coming to you when they need help with their content.

With your Medium articles, you can repurpose your content on Linkedin to drive your Linkedin connections back to Medium. It’s an effective strategy that makes people see more of your writing.

If you looked closely, you would notice that I didn’t say anything else other than to keep writing and to place it in front of as many eyes as possible. That’s how you’ll grow as a writer. That’s how people would know you, and come to do business with you — So, if there’s one message from this post, it’s to keep writing



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