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The Painful Truth About SEO

The REAL reason why you aren't ranking on Google

The Painful Truth About SEO
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Most SEO experts claim that they can rank websites on top pages in Google within months. Some SEO experts did rank websites in months, but it’s not always possible to get top ranking on Google within a month.

In 2009, if you have a new website and do some keyword stuffing. Then you can easily rank on Google’s top page.

Google search engine and SEO have changed a lot since 2009. Most people still think that they can use old SEO tactics to rank their websites.

Today, if you are using old SEO tactics that are black hat, then Google will penalize your website.

Every website owner needs to know that SEO is not that simple and, it is not that easy to rank on Google.

Let’s learn why SEO is not that easy and why it is hard to rank on Google, but still, it is possible.


Technology and search engine

Google adds new ranking factors into their algorithm such as page speed, mobile-friendly, etc. these new ranking factors were not that important in the old days of SEO.

But today, it is impossible to rank your website without optimizing for these google ranking factors.

In 2009, there was not that much advancement in machine learning. So people will manipulate Google and do keyword stuffing to rank on the top page.

But today, Google uses machine learning, which can quickly identify your black hat SEO tactics. It is becoming harder to manipulate Google.

Google now ranks the website according to how much value websites provide to the users. They identify this with the machine learning tools that they are using. So they can provide users exactly what they want as fast as possible.

New search engine technology makes it harder for the website to rank on Google without providing value. Today, if you want to rank on Google, you have to provide value to the audience and give them what they want as fast as possible.

More content and less demand

7.5 million blog posts are published every day, hundreds of content published every day, and makes it harder for websites to rank because other people are providing the same or even better content than they have provided.

If I type iPhone 11 pro review on Google search, you can see that 760 million results are about iPhone 11 pro review.

iphone 11 pro review
The screenshot is taken by the author

If you look at the keyword traffic volume, it is just 8000 global volume which is too low compared to 470 million results.

The screenshot is taken by the author

It becomes harder for the website to rank on Google. There are millions of other websites, which are working harder to rank on the same keyword. There is more content supplied and less demand. It makes it harder for the website to get traffic.

It takes time to rank

Most SEO experts claim that they can rank websites in 2 weeks or a month. If someone is making such claims, then beware. SEO experts don’t know when they will rank on a particular keyword.

In the 2000s, you just put some keywords in the title, meta description, and content then you can get rank on top search results within 1 or 2 weeks. Today, it takes 6 months to one year to get ranked on Google.

Most people quit doing SEO in a month or so. They don’t see any results from their SEO efforts. You have to understand that SEO takes time. You have to be persistent and patient to get good results from SEO.

Sometimes you have to work on SEO for months without seeing any results and, then suddenly you will see a boom in your traffic.

No one will guarantee when you get results. But if you work on SEO every day without seeing any results, you have a higher chance to increase your ranking on Google.

High-Quality Content

In the 2000s, you can rank mediocre content on Google. At that time, Google didn’t look for high-quality content.

Today if you have mediocre content, it is impossible to rank on Google because Google will identify if your content doesn’t solve audience problems and quickly drop your website ranking.

There are many Google ranking factors you need to optimize your website for. But creating high-quality content should be your main priority.

If you do all the SEO practices but won’t create high-quality content. Then you may rank for the short-term, but in the long term, you won’t get ranking on Google.

Google wants to provide users with information that can solve their problems effectively. If you create unique content and provide more value to the audience, Google will rank you on top pages.

Long-form content

Long-form content gets an average of 77.2% more links than short articles. Articles with a word count between 2,250 and 2,500 earn the most organic traffic. Many studies prove that long-form content gets more traffic and ranking than short-form content.

Most people make a mistake when they try to create long-form content. They just put some unnecessary words in an article trying to make it long-form content.

But that’s not the right way to do it because Google will identify that you don’t provide value to the audience. you are just putting some fancy words to make it look long form.

Why does long-form content rank on Google?

It provides more value to the audience, so they never have to go to another article to solve their problem.

You have to create long-form content that provides value to the audience and make sure you don’t put any unnecessary buzzwords to force your content to be long-form.


SEO is not always easy for websites, especially today when there is so much competition to get top ranking on google.

You have to update your website SEO with new search engine updates because what works today may not work tomorrow. Thats, why keep learning about new SEO tactics is crucial.




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