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The Plastic Cover Conundrum

No, I am not writing about plastic pollution, I am writing about a great difficulty that we all face in supermarkets — pry opening a plastic bag

Photo by Saindur Enviro on Unsplash

There are 100s of articles out there on pollution being caused due to the overuse of plastic in our daily lives. So I won't write about it today and rather just write about a very simple problem that I face in my daily life with plastic bags. Here you go.

I hope Greta Thunberg doesn’t roast me for being ignorant of the real-world problems, please don’t get me wrong Greta, I am just writing about my own personal problem with a plastic bag here. PS I do care about the environment as much as you do.

Most often you do the below things when you go to a supermarket or grocery store —

You walk in and find loose produce that you want to buy

You pick a plastic bag to carry your product

You try to pry open the damn plastic bag with your fingers and behold the horror! — I call this “The Cover Conundrum”. In India we called plastic bags as plastic covers due to which I name it thus.

The struggle is real, and it takes five minutes or more every single time to open and use it. I can't even get help from the staff during these covid times.

For a very long time, I thought I was the only one going through this painful struggle all alone in this whole wide world of 7.6 billion humans. I was not sure whether to be proud of it or be shameful.

And then on random observation, I saw many other people struggling with the same issues. I was pulled back to humble grounds from high atop, and reality slapped hard on my face. How on earth could I possibly have assumed that I was the only person facing this problem? It is not something to gloat about, by the way.

Fine, I get it; you are rolling your eyes by now asking as if this is really a topic to write about or you are genuinely sympathizing with me right now for bringing out this really painful problem that nobody talks about.

‘The Cover Conundrum’ is real and that experience is similar to being a Trump supporter, you feel and know about it, but you are afraid to speak about it to anyone around you for the fear of being laughed at or to not sound stupid and look like the odd one out.

Every real minor problem deserves a hearing and I am sure I would find many of my fellow readers on Medium who would face the same problem and sympathize with me.

A Solution at last?

Well, I found a very simple solution for “The Cover Conundrum” by the way, you just need to have a slightly wet hand and it really helps!

Where do I get my hands wet in a supermarket, you ask? Hint — Lettuce or any other leafy veggies! Once again please follow covid guidelines folks.

But a much more realistic and simpler solution would be to not use plastic and do your bit to save the environment. Change begins from within, and every small step taken contributes to a larger cause. I pledge to reduce the use of plastics for the benefit of the next generation. There you go. I talked about plastic and pollution in the end. Forgive me, my conscience wouldn’t let me not speak about it. I hope Greta Thunberg doesn't scoff at me now.



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