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The Pledge. Making Industries Safer, Better and Greener.

ROCSOLE’s Pledge during the get-together. Visit us, and you will see it in our offices.

Industries, processing, and manufacturing are accelerating their efforts to become carbon-neutral, improve their efficiencies, have an excellent financial performance. But that is not all — publicly traded companies have to ensure shareholder value and return on investment. Today, you have to prove your ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) measures. Otherwise, I am afraid you will soon be abandoned and left behind.

So let’s look at some industry data with two examples:

Processing industry: US Gulf Coast processing industries maintenance stops are 75% unplanned, leading to an economic loss of 650 billion $ per year. The main reason, or root cause, is run-to-failure (lack of insights and access to data). In addition, more than 50% of critical processing equipment failures, such as separators, are due to faulty instrumentation. Legacy technology cannot handle the harsh conditions with waste and bi-products, such as sand, solids, minerals, metals, wax, scale, emulsions, etc. We have solved this enormous problem with our patented technology. (Sources: Aberdeen Analytics and SPE/OREDA).

Semiconductor industry: we have a supply shortage in the industry. The need for chips is increasing globally, forecasting that the computer and information technology industry will draw about 20% of the worlds’ energy demand by 2030. The majority of the carbon emissions also come from chip manufacturing and not from hardware use or energy consumption. Chip manufacturers have become more significant total polluters than traditional automotive companies. Their water usage has increased manifold, being enormous water users in the industry today. In many processes, they lack data and the ability to build predictive tools to optimize operations and, for instance, to clean pipelines and do efficient water treatment. Better sensors creating unique, actionable insights are also required here. (Source: Bloomberg Green).

Recently, we held our Get-Together, the first-ever with the newly expanded team. Several had never met in person. Some had not been at our offices. We have all endured two years of a pandemic. In this period, with remote and hybrid work modes, we have been able to grow, recruit, do customer startups remotely, attract new customers, close funding rounds successfully, define and implement our strategy, participate in accelerators, and much more. The get-together brought us closer as a team with great spirits and energy. We had guest speakers both on-site and remotely. We did product training — and also had a lot of fun! This team is putting their efforts and everyone’s passion into this project!

The above examples show how critical and essential it is to implement robust and reliable solutions that can enable better efficiency, run operations safely and support to make them greener. Solving these problems is what we are doing!

Our mission and the personal pledge by everyone (come and visit us, and you will see the signing by everyone!) — is to make global industries SAFER, BETTER and GREENER. Remove waste, be lean, be digitalized, have actionable insights from the most challenging operational aspects (someone has to do it!), and enable processing and manufacturing industries to remove the bottlenecks. What if we can create an industrial world with no more run-to-failure, manual cover-up operations and measurements for process control, and company-wide data access, not just on a need-to-know or silo-basis!

The next level of IR4.0 is something we are enabling. We are digitalizing the blind spots of operations with robust and reliable data with cooperation partners. This way, we can ensure that plants and facilities can be automated to their full extent and processes optimized.

Increasing the efficiencies, removing unnecessary manual checks and work operations, and truly being able to predict the performance through operational digital twins in real-time, we will see the most competitive version of the industry.




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Mika Tienhaara

Mika Tienhaara

Award-winning serial entrepreneur building globally leading B2B companies. Innovator and disruptor with more than 30 products and technologies commercialized.