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Is there such a thing as coincidence?

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Gabrielle from ‘Desperate housewives’ said “if coincidence doesn’t exist, then why is there a word for it?” I laughed when I saw that episode and I thought about it for a while. Well, I don’t believe that coincidences exist but stay with me. I know some events happen that are seemingly unrelated but my argument is that nothing just happens — what someone else may dismiss as coincidence, I say we just weren't in a position to see the connection or cause.

There’s a video I saw once. This video featured ‘near-misses’ of all sorts. It showed how a person was sitting in a barbers’ shop and once they stood up, WHAM!! a car came smashing into the wall. The video must have been like fifteen minutes long but it was full of that kind of stuff — stuff that would make a person’s jaw drop and have them thinking that we have no control over stuff and ‘if it ain’t your time, it ain’t your time’ (you know the kind of thoughts I’m talking about).

Here’s one of such videos below:-

When I saw that video however, because I do not believe in coincidence, I asked myself what is it that makes a person so lucky?. How could a person avert ‘danger’ with such precision? The final question was how can one be that lucky…on purpose?

The precision with which these events occurred troubled my mind for days. In one of the instances in this video, a person was receiving a call and from the looks of it, the reception wasn't great (I assumed this because of the way he waved the phone around). Just as he moved two steps forward to continue his call, a flower vase fell to the exact spot he was standing. How? And then an idea hit me. It had to be math! Such precision is only achievable using math. Someone or something must have calculated those events to the smallest detail — but who? What?

I started to think could coincidences be an inside (or outside) joke to those who are coding our simulation? Could they just ‘take out’ anyone they want when they want? Then I decided to use the law of correspondence to better understand. I looked at ‘The Sims’ and I saw the level of sophistication. Then I imagined what would happen if there was a sim who knew they were in a simulation. Check out The Thirteenth Floor to better grasp where I’m going with this.

If our reality is truly based on calculations (which I really believe it is), then it means we can make an input. The concepts of The law of attraction let us know that we can influence events and after pondering this near misses video and cross-referencing it with new-age thought, I saw that indeed, one can become lucky on purpose. We may not be able to predict to the microsecond when our luck will shine but we can program it into the future. How?

Affirmative thoughts!!!

When we tell ourselves that good things always happen to us and that we are always in the right place at the right time, we weave those thoughts into our reality and they will play out sometime in the future. You could say in a way that we become co-creators in our reality. Do you know how long ago we were told that it is important to affirm positivity into our day before we leave the house in the morning? It all made sense as I thought about it. Our thoughts go out and become part of the reality we experience but to answer the question can they just take out anyone they want when they want? Well, I guess we go back to the sims. If a sim is unaware of their own deeper existence, then they don’t know they can create in the game and for that sim, it’s just about reacting to what is and following orders — they never really develop a path for themselves and yes, the programmer can do whatever with them.


The idea then is to become conscious of our thoughts and how they shape the world we live in. We need to become a champion at this in every aspect (happiness, health, and wealth) and we will have the best experience with the game.

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