The Reality of the New American Dream

It isn’t always what it seems…

Rosa Diaz-Casal
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3 min readJun 15, 2024


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio:

I recently wrote about the trend of people leaving their rich developed countries to pursue the new American dream and live the digital nomad lifestyle.

This past week I met with an American pursuing this dream and realized that there are two sides to it.

The first side is the euphoric cultural experience where money is no object. In the beginning, they are met with this sense of euphoria where you can afford to live in a beautiful apartment that overlooks the ocean and eat out every single day.

They don’t have to think about money as much because prices are much cheaper than in America and that brings a lot of peace into people’s lives. But it’s not only the finances that make it this incredible experience, they’re also in a new culture where everything is different and every day, they wake up seeing and having completely new experiences.

Traveling and being abroad is like a drug and once you have a hit of it, you become an addict. When they realize how far their…