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The Revelations Of Your Truth Are Waiting To Be Revealed

Revelations To Be Revealed —Ankhesenamun, Unsplash

November is a pivotal month with choices to be made as its revelations appear. Many of these choices will affect you for months or years to come.

Much will be reaching a conclusion this month as the pivot point is passed. The issues will be those which have been bubbling beneath the surface for months, years or lifetimes.

Until the 22nd the Sun is in the intense fixed Water sign of Scorpio. Ruled by Pluto; the planet of transformation, it is seeking to bring to the surface deeply buried emotions. Doing so in the name of Truth.

A theme which aligns with Mars going direct on the 13th. Mars has been in Aries for an exceptionally long period. Its action orientation will now enable everyone to almost leap with joy.

The Revelations Of The Six Are To…

Assisting this is that November is a six universal month. A number that brings forth balance and harmony, love and beauty. Its shadow side though brings perfectionism, the need to please others and also taking on responsibilities that are not yours.

Meaning some of the revelations this month will be around how you are creating imbalance in your life by absorbing the energies of others as well as their responsibilities.

Seeking to attract the love of others rather than first taking care of your own desires and needs. The only position from which you can allow yourself to receive love and so expand that which you can give to others.

Hence the six is encouraging growth in those aspects of your life that matter most to you, not what you believe is necessary to please others. The choice for each of us is to leverage or choose not to use your abilities, gifts and skills.

Nurturing our own metaphorical garden so we appreciate and love what is working, what is fulfilling in our lives, careers and relationships.

Though 2020 may not have felt as though it is seeking to build a solid foundation for our lives, it is. Which is why it is re-structuring our lives, challenging what is unsustainable. Encouraging us to protect and create our own dreams, not live those of others. Living from self-responsibility rather than the co-dependency of passing our power to others.

In numerology 2021 is a five. Its energy is about personal freedom and changes. In addition to the unexpected, change will be more acceptable and tolerated. The focus being on the expression of your individual sense of freedom, so being willing to learn about or adopting something new.

The Themes Of 2021 Are…

We cannot though just imagine and wish for a better world. It is essential we begin by addressing the inner and outer work of dismantling old structures, outdated beliefs, institutions and systems. Those that no longer support a sustainable life based on our inherent value of all life and the beauty of life on Mother Earth.

Together we are at the beginning of a revolution that started in late 2019 and promises to continue until 2024. Patience and the ability to sustain and endure is vital.

During 2021 Pluto continues to bless us with the theme of Truth. Meaning a continuation of revelations about lies, hidden agendas, dark drives and motivations. They will support the process of building something radically New.

Despite the efforts of some, there can be no returning to the old ways. Especially as we are in a massive cycle of re-birth.

This will enable us to begin to build a world based on collaborative and co-creative possibility. All of which begins with self-responsibility. Flowing from the question for the Aquarian age of how can we best serve Mother Earth and all its beings?

To do so each of us will need to transform our old stories into a narrative that is truly worthy of our values and who we are.

More about the key themes of 2021 can be found in my story:

We are at the pivot point of a Creative Revolution that will, in due course, be compared to the Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution.

It is from the playfulness of our free thinking that such a revolution and our evolution in consciousness will gather momentum.

In this we will be helped by Mars going direct on 13th November, releasing us to take action to build what we desire.

Actions And Revelations

The day before Jupiter is conjunct Pluto for the third and final occasion this year. It marks the final stirring of the pot to identify what is beneath all this truth and the energy that is buried beneath.

All of which is going to question how we manage our personal power?

Pluto by the way rules viruses!

14th November the new moon in Scorpio rises. Further revelations will be encouraged by the full moon eclipse on 30th November. In Gemini, its question is how do we communicate?

In particular do we do so from the values of our Truth or from our fears? Those that exist beneath the surface of our lives.

Daily Action:

To bring them to the surface you can ask yourself these questions:

  • what am I afraid of knowing?
  • what am I afraid of sharing with other people?
  • what is the answer I am afraid of knowing?

As the revelations appear, write them down and reflect on what is their purpose and what it is they are seeking? Then take action to deliver.

Please Share

The pivot point of 2020 is almost upon us. We are being reminded to look within, for it is only here can we acknowledge what we have learnt and so initiate our re-birth.

To do what? To me there are only two directions in our life, run from or toward something. The ideal toward is to be aligned with your soul´s purpose. You can learn more in this story.

Though Mars will soon be direct, it does not mean that any simmering anger the retrograde might have generated will not bubble up when any conflict appears.

My desire is to help all to live life on their own terms. So please DO share and pass this post to others you love.

To Your Revelations


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Gregory Reece-Smith, aka the Shamanic CEO, is an author, creator, speaker and shaman. He has worked in corporate and led technology companies worldwide; coaching fledgling organisations to those the size of the international operations of IKEA. He helps conscious entrepreneurs and executives integrate Insights and Inner Guidance with proven practical strategies, freeing them to accelerate their business and their life.

Download a copy of his latest book — the “7 Mystical Ways To Accelerate Your Business And Your Life” to begin accelerating your life.

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