The Season of the Psychopath: Featuring Your Next-Door Neighbor

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My name is Jenay Zapp, I am the author of NINE books, I am a spiritual guide, conscious revolutionary & here on this planet to educate the population with TRUTH. I am a wayshower here to advance people to higher ground. If you engage my content you will benefit on a level beyond this world, for I am a channel for TRUTH, & as the adage states, 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒕𝒓𝒖𝒕𝒉 𝒔𝒆𝒕𝒔 𝒖𝒔 𝒇𝒓𝒆𝒆.

What is truth? Well, truth is an uninterrupted knowing of what is real. When you are a person who is tapped in, tuned in & turned on, you are a person who speaks only truth all the time. Not part time, but all the time. I speak from a cosmic standpoint & although my feelings are mixed in… TRUTH is the narrator.

I may be a proud, rough around the edges GenXer who has ridden bareback through the trenches of my generation with bells on, but I am no frivolous entity with a personal agenda. I am an evolved soul mindfully & deliberately making moves every single second to fortify cosmic consciousness in my peers. Enlightenment is my forte. Dig it, or don’t. I’m not here to convince, I am here to magnetize all who seek higher ground. Welcome.

With no further ado…

Did you know that the holiday season is not celebratory for many of us?

For those of us who are vegan & vegetarian, true animal lovers & activists, the holiday season can almost be unbearable. For the record, I do not consume any living being with a soul. I do not consume anything derived from an animal & I do not endorse any form of animal product in any way. Animals on this planet have a right to life just like we do. Their families have a right to feel safe & secure in their natural habitats, & their children have a right to be free. I stand for THE ANIMALS.

Due to the higher-than-usual demand for extreme animal consumption, the holiday season empowers consumeristic society to inadvertently invest in the torture, abuse & murder of animals on a grand scale. It is palpable & excruciating to acknowledge the big picture. For this reason, the holiday season has a dark underbelly that brings with it a deep sorrow & despair that can almost feel debilitating at times. Yes, it’s that serious.

In addition, we also have to tolerate an overabundance of misinformation. Being as though we are a part of the general populace, we have no choice but to bear witness to the unconscious conditioning still effectively eroding the minds, hearts, & bodies of us, our children & future generations to come. Here in America,… rampant, harmful, duplicitous messaging has been chipping away at the soul of this planet with a silent vengeance for decades. When will the sheeple open their eyes, minds & hearts & responsibly REJECT what they are being fed?

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The holiday season has morphed into a sham funded by commercialism & shamelessly, millions of foolish people are still buying the lie.

The false narrative says that in order to celebrate the holidays properly, we must meet a certain “standard of living”. This standard of living is defined by how much meat & dairy you manage to accumulate to feed your tribe. This false narrative states that we are only as festive as our table is filled with animal ingredients. Doesn’t that sound like a storyline to a Twilight Zone episode?

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The holiday season is an uncomfortable time when true animal lovers sit awkwardly on the sidelines of our society.

We are forced to watch irrational behaviors take place in our lives & on the feeds of those who otherwise we support. These behaviors & dreadful displays of blind ignorance disgust & dishearten us & compel us to reevaluate some of our connections & friendships. This is not an easy time for us because we find ourselves unfriending, unfollowing, unlinking & cutting ties more & more with each passing year.

We eventually find ourselves letting go for good, all those who just cannot seem to shake 3D mentalities & GROW. With all due respect, it is long overdue for the collective community & individual families to take a good hard look at the outdated traditions they are attached to & keep repeating year after year with no remorse or introspection.

There comes a time when the BLATANT disregard for ethical accountability outweighs the affinity we may have for others.

Tolerance levels are stretched to the limit. No matter how much history we may have… unfortunately, sometimes we just have to move on. True to form, there will be some healthy but disappointing breaks by the New Year. The resolution remains: to keep moving forward no matter who we may have to leave behind. At the end of the day, we care about the welfare of all God’s precious creatures, & anything that disregards that, has got to go. Sorry, I’m not sorry. If you do not want to be left behind, rethink your food choices today!

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It’s a daunting fact that during the holiday season, slaughter numbers rise so exponentially high that it would be shocking & appalling if I were to drop the stats here.

Not to mention, careless behaviors such as deer & duck hunting & catching big fish to then show off on Facebook as a trophy are not flattering to those of us who live in the Light. These gross displays of false pride are misguided & completely misaligned to the true spirit of what a holiday season aims to represent. Ripping apart animal families & murdering their loved ones during the “holy” days is the biggest hypocrisy of our day!

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This kind of behavior is very disturbing to those of us who understand the meaning of TRUE LOVE.

True love is AHIMSA. Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word meaning “do no harm”. It is the Universal Law of “nonviolence”. Humans are meant to live by this sacred code. The Bible ain’t got nothing on this timeless law of the land. Planet Earth (Mother Gaia) & her inhabitants were meant to live in harmony with humanity. Living creatures are not meant to be assaulted by their caregivers and then consumed by them like monsters devouring prey.

Outdated behaviors that promote mindlessly purchasing large frozen turkey corpses that support the slaughter industry… look so primitive to us. Your next-door neighbor, though a seemingly innocent member of your community who may even attend church on Sunday, could be unconsciously participating in this mass theriocide behind the closed doors of their kitchen.

Theriocide refers to those diverse human actions that cause the deaths of animals. As with the killing of one human by another (for example, homicide, infanticide and femicide), a theriocide may be socially acceptable or unacceptable, legal or illegal. It may be intentional or unintentional.

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Caution tape should be unraveled everywhere in this country.

If we acknowledged the crimes being committed in kitchen after kitchen across the map DAILY, our prisons would explode. Legally flawed behavior patterns, toxic traditions & trends that should be illegal, are acted upon by the general public year after year without question. Without even a second thought as to what kind of pain, suffering, hurt & living hell they are indirectly inflicting & endorsing, these traditions are blindly upheld. There is absolutely no accountability in our society regarding the inhumane atrocities being committed against our precious animal population every SECOND. Just because the majority does it, does not mean it is RIGHT. Just because most people IGNORE the truth, doesn’t mean it is not the truth.

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“Supply & Demand” is REAL, it’s math & science.

It’s a proven formula that works. We can each do our part right now, and make a difference right this minute, by mindfully choosing to purchase & consume MORE plant-based products. The lives & families of God’s precious living creatures with a pulse, should not be jeopardized, defamed, degraded & disrespected any longer. It is almost 25 years into the new millennium. Human beings know better. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do” is bullsh*t. We all know full well what the heck we are doing.

Just as an enslaved precious sea animal shouldn’t be arrogantly displayed as some status symbol, turkeys should not be showcased on a plate on social media as a portrayal of bounty, abundance, blessings, “thanksgiving” or gratitude. The sick & twisted sociopathic system of our ancestors has brainwashed society into believing that this is normal behavior. Indeed, it is NOT. Parading around a dead bird, mammal, or fish with a grin on your face is what mental illness looks like. One could argue this is the portrait of a psychopath. This is not love, light, or Ahimsa. I can assure you, this is not what God intended.

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We don’t live in a Western movie…

It’s not circa B.C., or 1700, or even the 20th century. It is a NEW day moving into the New Earth's “Promised Land” era. It is NO LONGER acceptable to hunt, kill, & gorge ourselves. We are not unevolved rogue pirates sailing on the rough seas of our struggle & survival. We are not subhuman renegades from some dark star. We are elite, evolved, modernized citizens of Planet Earth & we need to begin to behave like the LOVING souls in suits we actually ARE.

We are not meant to be warmongers, savages, carnivores or captors. We are not here to indulge in fantasies & delusions of fake grandeur. A grandeur that was immorally SOLD to us centuries ago by seductive charlatans & salivating liars who had dollar bills in their eyes & ice cycles hanging from their hearts.

We are not robots programmed to capture & kill &/or support the inhumane, diabolical, greedy, ignorant industries & organizations founded so long ago, that DO. We are here to LOVE & be loved & any single CHOICE you make that is in truth, in fact… contributing to the detriment of another living, breathing being with a heart & soul, then you are not honoring the VOW. What vow? The vow you took in the ether (as a soul) before you entered into this lifetime, to protect the Earth & her inhabitants. Your freedom of will to choose is YOURS.

The million-dollar question: WWJD?

If you have a dead animal on your social media feed or on your plate, just like the novelty bumper sticker states, “Jesus would slap the sh*t out of you”. Check YOUR FEED & YOUR PLATE this season. Your feed & plate MATTER. (no pun intended)

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Stay tuned for the next installment of “The Truth Pages” where the TRUTH doesn’t care about your opinion.

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