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The Second Last Time I Played Outdoors Was An Eternity Ago. Is This the New Childhood?

Let’s not make everything DIGITAL, REMOTE, and ONLINE.

A person holding a cricket ball.
A person holding a cricket ball. Photo by Harsh Source.

After a long long time, I got a chance to play outdoors. And I didn’t let it slip.

That made me ponder on when I played last time. Like literally played—a game for an hour or two. And lo! I was lost in the memory lane.

Because that was years ago!

Two years ago!

Insert that “how good the life was before pandemic” line here.

Though things would have been different had this pandemic never happened. But objectively it did nothing but gave us a strong push on the way we were already walking.

More things digital.

More things remote.

And more things online.

So fast was the transformation that we didn’t get even a second to reflect?

I remember that when I was in grade 8, two years ago, things were so “sorted out.”

I don’t know if there’s any better way of putting it.

We went to school, had fun, studied freaking 6 hours, played, and still manage to enjoy and be satisfied with the day overall.

And now 10 hours of screen-time leave us exhausted.

Study. Online
Games. Online.
Entertainment. Online.

But yesterday was different. One of my friends invited me to play cricket and I joined him. We played for an hour in the cool and windy evening.

And that felt so refreshing.

Most of my friends were playing after a long time. And so was I. We had a lot of fun. Plus some good time outdoors, away from gadgets.

We can’t keep bitching about how we’re so addicted to our phones—we do though—but we need to take some conscious steps to part ways. For some time.

Take a walk. Meet and talk to someone new IRL. Play games.

Let’s make it a little less digital. Our future selves will thank us.

On that note, farewell for now. See you soon. 👋❤️




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