The Secret Youtuber that Inspires Me the Most

Hint: Most of you know him

Manas Patil
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3 min readMar 18, 2022


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Stretching out, eating junk, and watching YouTube videos is my morning ritual. And just this very morning did I realize something about a YouTuber I follow.

I’d to share it with you though it’s off my niche.

Have you heard of Jason Gryniewicz? I hadn’t either. At least until I found out the person behind one of the most-watched channels — Daily Dose of Internet.

Sound familiar now?

Consistency, consistency, and CONSISTENCY

To those who’ve watched his videos, how many times have you heard the infamous line — ‘Hello Everyone, this is YOUR daily dose of Internet.’?

I’ve watched dozens of these at one go but never thought of the person behind the videos.

After all, it’s nothing more than a collection of raw eye-catching clips put together. There’s no fancy editing to it either.

Still, they reach out to millions every single day — thus generating tons of revenue. What’s the take on this?

Simple. You don’t need to have a special skill to blow up on the Internet.

What you do need is time — and commitment.

You can’t be called an artist painting one beautiful picture. Keep painting. Keep it consistent. If you pull the right strings, you might just turn out a sensation.

Give your Audience a Hot Welcome

Clickbait isn’t all bad. Whether you’re reading an article on Medium or watching YouTube, admit it — you click when the title appeals to you.

Notice all of the videos on the DDOI’s channel, what’s common? All of them have a very appealing title and a thumbnail.

To talk of appeal, I doubt you’d read this article of mine if I hadn’t thought of that subheading. Honestly, would you?

I’ve written over a hundred articles in the past few years on my travel blog and never did I realize the importance of clickbait.

As sad as it may seem, that’s how most social media platforms are designed. You’re bound to click the most appealing recommendation on your feed — regardless of its content.

The more people click, the more your content is recommended to your audience.

Clickbait isn’t everything

Clickbait is important. But it isn’t everything — it’s just the tip of an iceberg.

Content matters the most.

I’ve seen traumatizing clickbait videos on Instagram and sometimes wish I could get back those few minutes of my life.

That’s what keeps the DDOI channel so authentic. The videos are interesting and worth watching till the last second.

If your clickbait gets a lot of traction, keep your content equally engaging.

Personalize your content a bit. Tell an interesting fact. Make it visually pleasing. If there’s nothing more to tell, don’t try drag it too long.

You chose your clickbait title — live up to it!

After all, content is king.



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