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It is mandatory for us to know we must give the best of ourselves at every opportunity. Feeling good or feeling bad, you must do what you must do. A weak person trusts his feelings, we don’t. Life is not going to stop time for us. Sad but true.

Now, we are entirely determined to reach our goals, whatever they are. We are slaves to them, but we prefer to fight than to trust our feelings. We are becoming a kind of monster, as society tells us to do. Expressing ourselves as we want is not possible anymore.

But…hey! Not all hope is gone yet maggot. We can be productive but the way we want out of your 9–5 job. So we must try to give ourselves all-out life. Right, Slipknot?

The organization is the clue to give meaning to our life. Nothing is worse than power without control. We must organize. Here’s how to do it:


We can’t avoid the fact that we easily do the thing that is our cup of tea. So first of all you have to choose what you want to accomplish and make sure you like your goal, otherwise, you will likely fail.

That is the same reason why diets don’t succeed. We do the to get fit but it is hard for us to keep one. A good example would be eating healthily without thinking about a diet.

Your chosen goal is up to you. Trying your goal makes you lose awareness of the time. That is the best feeling you can feel in this life.


It can be on a piece of paper or in some app on your phone. I do it on my phone, in an app called Microsoft To-Do. You have to clear your thoughts, as we said, don’t trust your feelings or your mind. Set up finally to reach them. Of course, in order to do that you need discipline. If you think of your goal as a game, and you apply “gamification” to it, for example, trying to do it faster every time and challenging yourself to do that, you are applying it. I’ll write about discipline in the future.

You might think your memory is the best in this world, but, trust e, memory fades away with time so it’s better to write your goals just in case you forget them.


As I said above, nothing is possible without discipline. The mother of all. Discipline means doing what you have to do without caring about external things. Just give it a stab and do it.

You can help yourself with this. For example, if you have to play the guitar but you don’t feel like it, you can immerse yourself in the guitar world. I mean, watching videos, reading, or collecting picks may push you to do it.


Life is a gift. we were born to accomplish what we want, and we have just one life, so better you take action and succeed.

Here you have a starting point to achieve it, I hope it’s useful to you. Don’t hesitate and create your to-do list and don’t forget to add the steps you have to do to accomplish it.



Write the dust

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