The Simple Nature of Life Is Not A Clickbait

An Attempt To Rub You With Life’s Nom Noms

Aditi Rishi


Well, I see many people suffer. I saw myself suffer and even now I do prefer to lose myself in suffering to remind myself that identification is sticky and adamant. It is done to acknowledge the part where people suffer immensely during an era of ‘nothing is enough!’

You see, people are not suffering situations, people are suffering because the nature of duality is suffering.

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The very nature of living in world as an entity in itself is suffering.

You cannot escape it. Nope!

Eventually, we begin to suffer ‘the suffering.’

Buddha said all world is ‘Dukkha.’ If this is tattooed in your heart and soul, in each part of your being, you can easily take a step ahead.

Into yourself is as far as you can go.

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What is the GOOD NEWS?

Whether you are spiritually awakened or not, exotic or not, enlightened or not; the way, the solution is for everyone.


It is not just for erudite sages, ecstatic nomads, pious hermits or simply the God-gifted ones — the likes of Adi Shankaracharya, Kabir, Meera, Nizamuddin Auliya, Rumi or Jesus.

Even if you consider yourself a human being with a certain name, culture, family, nationality, persona etc, you are still free to know your TRUE NATURE. No spiritual discipline, authority, or even God can stop you from knowing this.

No, you are not going to take aeons to realize this nature. WHY?

For you are unapologetically it, even while you read these letters that make sense to your mind, you are being that!

You are being enlightened because you are aware of what's been written.


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We come to the most critical part of it all — the knowing part of everything is constantly in your experience.

In fact, the experience is unfolding in the ‘knowing.’

Now if you casually, remain as the knowing or recognise the knowing without a sense of person realising the knowing, you’ll easily stumble upon knowing that remains without the knower. This knowing will not make sense to your mind, and it is perfect this way. Mind is the impurity.

Knowing is more true than being aware, as aware has sensory connotations attached to it.

You solve a sum 8+8*8–8=?

You solve the question in the arena of ‘knowing.’

A robot can mechanically solve the question but what separates humans from robots is not simply the sense of ‘I’ but the knowing that I am doing this.

Well, this can be easily recognised. The mind has no difficulty in accepting it.

Now what separates the so-called normal humans from enlightened ones is just a little less complexity and an abundance of simplicity in understanding the nature of life, the nature of knowing.

Enlightened souls go a simple step ahead by recognising starkly — knowing the ‘doing.’ They see the absence of a doer and a seer.

In fact, the simultaneous doing and knowing are not two separate phenomena- that would be a noun, and life is never witnessing or manifesting a single noun in the eternal now.

The presence of seeing, knowing and doing, all being one, is enlightenment!

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So, you see complexity is not in getting enlightened but complexity is in embracing simplicity and saying ‘No’ to whatever complex ideation has been preached, taught and embraced by you.

Our attention realises, “No point in beating the drums, life is not an agenda to be sorted, arranged or compiled.”

You no longer go gaga over the world’s portrayal of reality but you outrightly abandon it paying more attention to what your experience of the world is.

I would appreciate it if you leave a comment in case this post genuinely helped you recognise something beyond mentation. This is so that I put more effort into refining such posts and keep them coming!

I won’t teach you swimming because you are already afloat.



Aditi Rishi

I dissect the direct experience of Non-Duality, Enlightenment, Spiritual Awakening, Creative Manifestation, filter it through mind and put it in words. Recluse.