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No that’s not a misspelling, it’s the name of a new bar in Portland, Oregon.

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Ever since 1972 when Title IX was past, women’s sports has been growing in the United States in participation and fan interest.

Title IX: universities in the United States could only qualify for federal funds if they offer similar athletic teams for each gender. The law was particularly effective in raising the participation in women’s soccer and basketball.

The effect:

Some of the most popular sporting events from a spectator standpoint are found in women’s sports. The U.S. women’s soccer team, who recently gained a pay raise equal to men, made a run to the World Cup Championship in 2019. The spectacular was one the the most viewed sporting events on television that year.

The women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament continues to garner more viewers with exciting contests annually.

Women’s tennis and competition in the Summer and Winter Olympics have always been popular with

The concept of sports bars:

The sports bar has been around since the 15th century.

In England, where the idea originated, the sports bar was a far cry from the virtual reality, multi flat screened, hot winged, nacho infested and beer soaked lounge (VREX).

Weeeell — -maybe the 15th century sports bar WAS beer soaked.

Games were played: darts, billiards, skittles and bowls. Each game’s fans were the fellow imbibers sitting around the bar.

The pub “game bars” became so popular with the British men, King Henry VII imposed a restriction on the games played in them because he felt they distracted the men from practicing their archery, an important military skill in England.

The first sports bars were started in large cities in the United States which had professional sports franchise in the 1930s.

According to Chicago-based CHD-Expert, there are presently 1,218 operations classified as sports bars here in the United States.

But something was missing.

The Sports Bra:



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