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The Sun and the Moon

The internally driven versus the rest

Photo by Bradley Hook from Pexels

The sun has its own internal source of energy. It shines full and bright every time it comes up in the sky. The moon on the other hand does not have its own source of energy. It just reflects the light of the sun.

Similarly, there are a few people who are internally driven. They do not look for an outer source of motivation to do certain tasks. These people are just like the sun who are full and bright and provide light and hope for the rest. Then there are other types of people who are dependent upon the outside sources of motivation to carry on their tasks. They are in turn similar in their characteristics to the moon.

Analyzing the sun

The sun appears full almost all throughout the day. There is not a time that any of its parts are hidden. In a similar manner, the self-driven people appear in full confidence all throughout the time they are active. They radiate love and light to people around them and do not hide any part of themselves from others.

The only time the sun may not appear completely full is during sunrise and sunset. This is analogous to the case of time after birth and time before death where internally motivated people too are dependent upon others. Due to their dependence, they may not appear full and may have to hide a part of themselves. But even then like the sun they still have an inner source of strength. They never let go off following their inner voice.

Photo by Rok Romih from Pexels

Analyzing the moon

The moon on the other hand does not appear in full most of the time it is there in the sky. This is analogous to the unmotivated people who most of the time hide a part of themselves from the others i.e. they do not appear in full.

The appearance of the moon changes its shape every day and so does an unmotivated person. He will be a certain person on one day and another person on another day. Moreover, as the moon emanates dim light so does the unmotivated person emanates a lesser degree of confidence.

The sun and the moon hardly co-exist

Whenever there is a presence of the sun the moon just disappears. The light of the sun is so intense that the moon goes unnoticed. It is only when the sun sets that the moon gains prominence and appears in the sky.

Similarly, in any group, if there is an internally motivated person then his level of confidence will overshadow the rest. The approach that the person has towards life and the clarity of his mind provides light and direction to the rest. It is only when such people are not present in the group is when one of the unmotivated people gains prominence and provides direction to the rest. This is analogous to the moon enabling people to see even with its dim light. But this happens only when the sun is not present.

How to become like the sun?

The source of light that the sun has is internal. If one wants to become like the sun then he needs to follow his internal voice to make decisions for his life. If he uses outside sources like religion, and directions from other people then he basically is like the moon.

To completely trust your inner voice is not that easy. It will entail getting free of any feelings of guilt and believing that you are in fact a good person. Though the definition of a good person is subjective if one believes that he can maneuver his life without the intervention of outside forces then in most likelihood he is a good person. It is only when one feels his inner tendencies can cause trouble to him and believes that he cannot trust his natural instincts is when he becomes the moon.

In order to overcome the feelings of guilt and shame, one should apply the process of catharsis and refinement of the inner child. Behind both guilt and shame, there is a feeling of fear that first needs to be removed from the psyche of the person through the process of catharsis. Later the inner child needs to be given confidence thus enabling the person in the current state to exude confidence. This process needs to be repeated for most of the unpleasant feelings existing in the person.


For the most part of my life, I have been like the moon. I was dependent on others to provide me with directions to lead my life. I would only lead in situations where there was no other confident person (analogous to the sun) in the room. It was then that I applied the process of catharsis and refinement of the inner child to shed my feelings of guilt and shame. I trusted my internal voice and believed that my natural instincts would guide me to lead a life in a fuller manner. I thus partially transformed from being a moon to the sun. This transformation is not yet complete but I am enjoying the process. I hope others too use the technique of catharsis and refinement of the inner child to transform themselves from being a moon to become the sun.



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