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The Tiny Secret Tip to Running an Online Business

Stop checking in on your revenue

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It’s tempting to hit that refresh button on your account every morning, isn’t it? Whether someone owns a store, a blog, (or both) or is waiting for their pay — there’s always been that point where you just can’t wait for that payment to come through.

Quite often, you won’t even need the money; You simply wish to see it stacked on your current balance.

Ironically, most people who start a business as a side hustle, start out as a hobby. For the joy of doing something they love, be it writing or conducting a yoga class.

Unless your hobby itself involves making money, it shouldn’t matter much, should it? So keep it that way and see how far it takes you.

I believe that if it’s truly something you love — give it your best and money shall follow.



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