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The Top Best Most Fun Family Game — KOOBA Dooby Doo

KOOBA — It’s got action, skill — but not too much, magnets, flinging — it’s darts meets board game, only less dangerous and more fun

Wendy Snyder
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4 min readJun 29
Photo of colorful dart board hanging on the side of ladder with girl in foreground holding two sticks with the magnet triangle on them in a cross position.
KOOBA in the backyard. Photo by Wendy Snyder.

I stumbled over KOOBA by accident at a kids' consignment sale. The bright colors caught my eye.

I was on the hunt for the elusive outdoor game that both adults and children would enjoy enough to play. Voluntarily.

KOOBA?” I said aloud. What’s this colorful gizamahooey?

I ran to Google and watched a few YouTube videos about it. You can watch them here.

Yeah, they’re 8 years old. DON’T JUDGE ME. Sometimes older games are classic and age-like wine. Exactly like myself.

KOOBA is no exception. I bought it, took it home, threw it up against the outdoor playhouse, and yelled at the family to get out here. NOW!

We watched the 1 minute 54 second video on how to play KOOBA and became immediate PROs.

My daughter grabbed the sticks, slapped a magnet thingy on them, and flung that sucker to Eastern Siberia.

“Oops.” We giggled. “Maybe that was too hard.”

She took her three turns and then we booted her for the next person. My husband flicked that magnetic thingy past the board, past the playhouse, and hit the shed. It was plastic, so it fell to the ground.

I nodded my head in appreciation. “Huh, too bad you didn’t lean left and hit the metal shed.”

He failed the other two flings just as majestically. Like all Dad’s, he’s a strong man.

“Step aside.” I grabbed the sticks. Having watched the family fail miserably to hit the target, I now knew the speed, strength, angle, and elevation needed to hit the board.

Quite confidently, head cocked at a jaunty knowing angle, I slipped the magnetic triangle over the ends of the two sticks. I stepped up and toed the stick line we had laid across the fake grass to mark the spot from which to fling.

I rose my arms, parallel to the ground and slid the sticks against each other, feeling the magnet slide…



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