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The Ugly Truth Of Atheism And Materialism

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Because you see how the world makes us insignificant, disassemble, tell you that you’re nothing, they show you all these vast pictures, you know when you go to astronomical observatory if you go to one of these places they show, you these films, and it will reduce you to nothingness.

Here, you’re from an insignificant planet in an insignificant solar system in an insignificant galaxy in the least billions of galaxies, and this is who you’re! Nothing, and that’s true they’re not lying, but if you go inside the human being, all of those vast spaces out there are also in you, inside you.

Imam Ali said in his talks: “You think of yourself as an insignificant thing and yet in you, the greater world (i.e. cosmos) resides” and so when we come into these bodies, we enter these powerful bodies that have sensory, the five senses (sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch), you see you have a certain group of the materialist that began to argue (you find them through history), but they argue all the knowledge comes from the sensory perception, this where it comes, and you start getting experience, and the experience only comes from this world there are no other experiences.

You see this what the materialists claim, and they wanna tell you’re insignificant, you’re nothing, you’re just a random event in a random universe. Now, this is modern cosmology, if you go to the leading universities of this world, you will hear this from the biggest professors that this is merely a chance, you’re merely a random event, and because there were billions of years and multiple possibilities that this is the conclusion, where you’re playing games on a computer, this is the human being, divergent, entertainment.

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The world was created for a divergent. But the difference between modern people and ancient people is?

All the ancient knowledge that the divergent were divergent, and there was no purpose in it (all of them know this).

The modern are unique in their belief that this is the primary reason for us to be here, is simply to entertain ourselves, to be diverted, to do all kind of stuff for entertainment and then another group comes in, they do the same thing, it just goes on until it ends with cosmic collision or some giant asteroid, just like it did wipes down all the dinosaurs in the past.

The ancient people have known that there is a purpose for the human being that you have a reason for existing, and your reason is not by chance — it was by a purpose and that you were — created with a purpose.

[Quran 75:36] Does man think he will be left alone (without purpose)?

And this is what God (Allah) asks: all of this was for nothing? And you want all of these stages, I mean, first of all, you have to be nutrition because there was a time when your material body was being formed inside somebody else because for semen and others to be — created it needs nutrition, so there was a point where we were just nutrition, and there was a point when that didn’t exist because that did come from another thing.

[Quran 76:1–3] Is there not a period of time when each human is nothing yet worth mentioning? [2] ˹For˺ indeed, We ˹alone˺ created humans from a drop of mixed fluids, ˹in order˺ to test them, so We made them hear and see. [3] We already showed them the way whether they ˹choose to˺ be grateful or ungrateful.

There was a time when you were nothing, and then you became something, so all of these events that happened were for no reason (no purpose) to it. And this is what modern people want to tell people, and they confuse people it is not fair.

Children by nature are spiritual beings,
they love the supernatural, they believe in the supernatural, and children at a certain age can distinguish between what’s not real and what’s real, and they also know the purpose.

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Fakhr ad-Dîn ar-Râzî said: “If you want to prove that’s the human by his nature believes in causation, take an Infant before he can use reason (understand) and hide somewhere and throw a rock over the head of the child and when the rocks drop, you watch what the baby will do! It’s going to look back.”

It doesn’t just assume that the rock popped into existence, why the child doesn’t make the assumption, why it doesn’t just assume it comes from nothing. Because this is what they’re telling us now (everything comes of nothing) why the child doesn’t make that assumption because it’s completely counterintuitive, it knows that’s that rock had a source, and if the baby can crawl, it will start crawling looking for where it comes from., This is what a baby will do before having any intellect, so the human being is this body, and the body by its nature uses these senses.

Credit to Wikipedia. This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 100 years or fewer.

Friedrich Nietzsche made a prediction that Europe was going to go through this existential crisis about more than 100 years ago when he was alive, and he was writing, and he gives the parable of the madman because of the advance of science and people becoming godless he wanted to show people the implications, so he gives the story of the madman.

So the mad man runs out into the market, and he has this lantern with him, and he starts saying God is dead right he starts saying, God is dead, God is dead, God remains dead, and we have killed him how shall we comfort ourselves the murderers of all murderers right, so the madman in his parable goes around telling people to look what are we going to do we just killed God, in the sense that science has got rid of God, what are we going to do?

He’s going around talking to everybody, and they don’t seem to get it, and the mad man, he throws down his lantern, and then he says I’ve come too early, meaning these people do not understand the implications of atheism, yet they do not understand the implications of a godless worldview, they don’t understand what I’m trying to say about life being meaningless.

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Nietzsche predicted is that in the future that Europe is going to go through an existential crisis.

Now, if you read the works of prominent atheist academics like Sam Harris who’s now speaking about spirituality, or Douglas Murray about the need for faith, you are seeing that European civilizations and people from that part from the western world are starting to realize we need meaning, we need purpose, we need value we need these things.

Arthur Schopenhauer a famous philosopher gave a reason why people are in search of meaning because we all are looking for meaning we want to find out, so he had this formula for why people are looking for meaning and why regardless of everything you have in your life you are going to search for meaning. What he said is that they are two factors which every single human being, including myself and everybody, will go through, and these two factors make it so that we have to look for the purpose we have to look for meaning, we have to look for value, what he said: “is that suffering coupled with death the inevitable death which is going to come makes us look for meaning.”

And this is why we look for meaning because we want to live a bearable life, and we want to look forward to something we want to look forward to another world.

Nietzsche calls this the true world, and there’s another world apart from this world. He describes this world as a theory, and the other world is greater. And now whatever you go through in this life if you finally get to another world, all of what you go through in this life doesn’t matter, so Nietzsche’s whole argument is that Christianity provided that but now Christianity his time was dying, so he said well where are we going to find the comfort.

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What’s interesting about this is that when we start to think about the implications of a hardcore materialistic naturalistic worldview, the implications are scary they’re scary. And it is something that you start to realize why Nietzsche was going through so much pain! And why philosophers who recognize the problem of nihilism are in so much trauma.

Credit to Wikipedia. This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 75 years or fewer.

Consider this we have Vladimir Lenin and someone from his time who looks like him with no popularity. Now I want you to consider something if somebody goes up to the man who looks like Lenin and takes a sledgehammer and wax the person who looks like Lenin on the head.

And the same thing happens, somebody from the crowd comes up to the real — living Lenin while he’s alive and hits him with a sledgehammer both case scenarios, there is a sledgehammer, and it’s being — smacked into the head of either the fake or the real person. Is there a difference between the two?

If you think there’s a difference between the live specimen and the fake person who looks like him, even with Lenin you know a character as nasty as that, we would recognize no there is a difference, but I want you to imagine something from a cold hard materialistic point of view, the only difference between them is what!

It is the rearrangement of matter, so bottom down they’re both atoms, bottom down there’s no soul, there’s no rule, so they’re both the same thing so if this doesn’t scare you if this doesn’t diminish you, if this doesn’t devalue the human experience then nothing else will.

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And this is why Nietzsche, and other nihilists even alive today are trying to overcome nihilism, yet some atheists are saying we account for the fact that there is no meaning. So you need to create your own meaning, which is to say you know what there’s no meaning, there is no purpose, there’s no value, there are none of these things, but let’s make it ourselves.

In fact, for some atheists for some nihilists who are trying to escape nihilism, they would say look rather than God giving us meaning, rather than God giving us value, we can actually create our own value and our own meaning, our own purpose, we don’t need God for that, we can do it ourselves in fact they try and argue this is more powerful, but there are a few issues with this one of the issues is! When we have the two world idea, two worlds as in you have this imperfect world, and then you have a perfect world, so whether you have Plato’s world of forms or with Abrahamic religions, you had this lowly life, and you had the next life.

The people who hold those views, whether it’s Plato or the follower of an Abrahamic religion, they believed with certainty that this life is temporary, and the other life is eternal,
but if you make it yourself, you will always know that this is nonsense (I just made this up) and secondly, the whole charge against religion, the entire charge against religion is you have make-belief, you have an invented religion, how different is that from playing make-believe?

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It is not it’s the same, so European civilization moved away from Christianity because they said it was false. And the cause of them moving away was them accepting a scientific worldview, so if they go back to make-belief, why don’t they just go back to Christianity.

What’s fascinating now is atheists are speaking about the importance of faith (like Sam Harris) as long as someone else believes. You will find atheists actually speaking about how faith is a good thing. Because when in a society you don’t have a narrative of faith and society at large becomes nihilistic, that society will disintegrate.

So make-belief, the problem with make-belief is not only that it is false, and it will never really even work pragmatically, and secondly, you can make anything, you can say my make-belief is the purpose of life is to conquer other countries and subjugate them, so someone says my purpose of life is: I’m going to study frogs for the rest of my life.

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I mean, you could make up anything, and there’s no way of adjudicating between what is good and what is bad. Can you guess what this solution is? Being patriotic, fantastic being, being nationalistic, why? Because one way to give your life meaning is by connecting with something greater than yourself, so the whole idea of nationalism, of ideologies like Marxism, communism is because you are not just an individual, you’re part of a whole, so even if you die even if you go away everything in your life you’re working for something that’s going to carry on after you die. And you’re working for a particular goal that’s higher than yourself.

Nationalism is something as we know the first world war had many causes, but according to academics, something interesting also happened the intellectual elite who you normally see is anti-war usually they were pro-war before the first war before the first world war, not only were they pro-war they were going through this phase of nihilism and life is being empty and meaningless, and that was according to academics, one of the causes of them being supportive of world war one.

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If life is meaningless, then anything goes, you know you have to have this thing called escapism, you have to keep yourself busy. So one of the ways that people escape nihilism on a day to day basis who recognize nihilism) is by keeping themselves occupied all the time, continuously busy those same people if you leave them alone in a spot without their phone without their friends without any communication without something to do, and they start reflecting about their life that’s when the dark clouds of nihilism will hit them which is why people like that don’t want to be on their own they shouldn’t be — surrounded.

Now we know fascism, nationalism, and these ideologies fundamentally whatever you’re fighting for whatever group it is, that is again purely arbitrary, you could be in one group or another, so you’re giving meaning to that thing is!

It has no meaning, just because you’ve given it meaning, so even today, if you look at the new atheist movement, you look at the humanist movement if you look at the feminist movement, these movements give a type of false meaning to the adherents which make life a bit more bearable so what’s very interesting is from a nihilistic point of view it doesn’t matter whether you’re part of feminism or whether you are a social Darwinist, it doesn’t matter, yet it is just something to keep people busy, so this solution we know is definitely not a solution that we want to explore.


Proving the existence of God and killing Atheism pt5


What if I told you science and religion are able to work together perfectly. (I don’t know much about the accuracy of the Bible). However, the Quran doesn’t have a single error nor contradictions and not a single scientifically fact proven wrong (and please, if you’re going to mention some errors in the Quran, kindly do your homework cause Muslims all over the world did answer each false assumption about them (type what you think the error on YouTube, and you will be — convinced that you got it wrong, or from some hater who got it out of context)).

The Quran was revealed 1400 years ago and has never been — changed, and the book made some proven statements that science only now has discovered. Here are some authentic sources about the Quran and modern science:

13 Scientific Facts in the Holy Quran

I would suggest you read the Quran with an open mind, and if you can’t afford to buy one, here is a link (also, you can style the website the way you like and add as many translators as you want, but it will be messy, just one translator is enough either (Dr. Mustafa Khattab, or Saheeh International) they’re the best, really close to the actual Arabic Quran).

God bless you and keep you safe and healthy, “amen.” 🙏
Feel free to ask me any questions ✌️.

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