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The Ultimate Guide On How To Love Reading Books

Even when you hate it with all your passion

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I was hungry for new perspectives on life, new insights on life. Little did I know that I would find pages, mirroring my emotions. I have found solace in reading. It has never failed to give me even just a little bit of purpose in times when I’ve felt absolutely no sense of direction.

There are many people out there, who haven’t had the same experience as me while reading, I wonder why. In this golden age of content, have we forgotten the golden content?

Reasons to read right now!

The next sentence you read, at any given point, could fundamentally transform you and the rest of your life.

Rega Jha

  • Reading is like flashing light down the dark tunnel that you’re crawling through. You can immediately see where you are headed.
  • When we read we are transported to another world. You lose yourself in books and hence, you find yourself. It opens a new door when you think there’s just no point.
  • The author is imparting in you a piece of their lives, of what they know, their imagination, a part of them. The book is a pathway to their minds and you get to see the world from their eyes.
  • Also, looking at the work of many thousands of human beings, doesn’t that restore your faith in humanity? Look at what we’re capable of!
  • Reading is fun! If it isn’t feeling fun then you’re reading the wrong book.

Why you’re not reading more

1. You lack motivation

Imagine if you loved a book so much that any free time you got, you would start reading/listening to it.

It is possible to do that!

To all the people who “hate reading”

You don’t really hate it. You feel like you do because you haven’t found the right book yet. And, the only way to find the right book is…by reading.

Read different books, different genres, different authors and you will find something that speaks to you.

Any book, no matter how “bad” it is, has something for you. You will learn how to think or how not to think. Either way, you will learn something.

At first, when you’re just starting to read more, reading will seem like a chore. Because of the school system we had, we have associated everything with getting an instant reward in return. And hence, when you have an option, you will choose to go on your phone over reading because it gives you that instant gratification, instant results.

But reading is not like that. You will need to slog through the first few days or weeks and be consistent to see the impact of reading in your life.

2. You don’t give time to reading

The only way to get that motivation to read is by reading enough to judge and by developing a reading habit. And the only way to develop a reading habit is by devoting some time of your day to reading.

Ways to read more

1. Forced reading

For beginners, reading will seem like a chore. But you need to stick with it.

Make yourself read, forcefully at first, to develop the habit. Keep pushing yourself to read. And then, something amazing will happen — you will start to see the impact of reading in your life.

2. Build a reading habit

To get that motivation, this is key. The only difference between the person who reads a book a week and the person who reads a book a year is that one has the right habit and the other doesn’t.

  • Set a reading goal

Set your target so low that you can’t not do it. You could do this in two ways -

1. Page goal: Decide to read 5 pages a day and then gradually increase.

2. Time goal: Decide to read for 10 minutes a day and then gradually increase.

  • Set aside a daily reading time

To read a book a week, all you need to do is read 30 minutes a day.

Once you have kickstarted reading with your reading goals, set aside a “reading time”. Whether it be before bed or after a meal, make sure you set aside time daily to read.

  • Patience and consistency

Whenever you’re developing a habit, it will take time to see the results but you need to do that habit enough to see the results.

Whatever you do, don’t give up that reading habit!

3. Shift to ebooks and audiobooks

There is something about reading a physical book like you can touch the magic.

But shifting to audiobooks and ebooks will make reading easier, in the sense that you could read anywhere and won’t need to carry a physical book. Physical books are irreplaceable. But ebooks and audiobooks are more accessible.

You can read an ebook while waiting in line or you could listen to an audiobook while working out or getting ready.

find free ebooks here -

3. Read books from different genres

When you are just starting, reading books from different genres will give you an idea of which genre you like best. Also, try to read books of varying lengths.

4. Slow down

Forced meditation is probably a good thing.

If you enforce reading, you’re likely to enforce time for reflection. Because it’s hard to read without reflecting.

Maybe the whole purpose of reading wasn’t to learn more. But to get in touch with that deep and quiet part of yourself.

But it only works if you slow down enough to experience it. And get to that quiet place inside yourself, where you’re reflecting and build a habit out of it.

Happy reading!




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