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The Ultimate Guide To Optimizing Your Product Pages For SEO

How To Optimize Your Product Pages For SEO

The Ultimate Guide To Optimizing Your Product Pages For SEO
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Every e-commerce website revenue will come from product pages. Optimizing these product pages for SEO is the essential thing for every e-commerce website to do.

One of the most crucial tasks for eCommerce businesses is to optimize their product pages for SEO Because that’s where they get their revenue from, which makes their business keep going.

If you rank your product pages by optimizing for SEO. There is no surprise that you get thousands of traffic, and some of them will become your customers.

One of the best things about SEO is that it does not require you to spend thousands of dollars ranking your website on Google.

Instead, it requires consistency and patience to get a ranking on Google. If you have patience and consistency with the right knowledge of SEO.

You can surely rank your product pages on Google.

So let’s get into the guide to optimizing your product pages for SEO.


Write Longer, More Informative Product Description

The product description is an essential step in your product page SEO. If you don’t have an informative and detailed product description. Then not only Google but also the audience will not like it.

People like a product that has a product description that educates them about a product. So they can make an informative decision.

If you educate the audience about what they are buying. People will more likely buy from you because you are not only selling the product. But you are educating them about the product.

A short product description isn’t like by search engine. Google wants the website to write long detailed product descriptions.

So customers would know what they are buying and what they will get. It will educate them about their purchase.

Always provide detailed long-form product descriptions that educate the audience about your product. It can make a big impact on your SEO which would increase ranking and traffic on Google.

Why should people buy it?

When writing your product description, You have to ask this question. Why should the audience buy your product?

You have to answer why people only buy from you. Thousands of websites are selling the same product as you are selling. Then what is the difference between you and other websites?

Make sure you answer this question because it can separate you from the crowd and, the audience will see your brand as trustworthy because you separate yourself from other brands by answering these questions.

The benefit of your product

You have to show in your product description how your product will help the audience in their life. When people buy something, The only thing people want to know is what benefit this product gives me?

If you answer this question which they have in their mind. Then it can increase your conversion rate.

Describing the benefit of your product is crucial. If you can’t describe to the audience what benefits they will get and what problem your product will solve. Then why would people buy it?

If possible, You have to show the benefit of your product visually in an image or a video. It can make a big impact because people prefer visual things more than text.

Keyword research

Keyword research plays a crucial role in optimizing your product pages for seo.

If you want to increase your ranking and traffic on Google. You have to know the fundamentals of keyword research.

Keyword research is the process of finding a word that the audience searches on search engines.

There are many keyword research tools. Some of them are.

Free keyword research tools

Paid Keyword research tools

When you do keyword research, you have to look for three qualities in a keyword.

If you find these three qualities in one keyword, then you can make them your target keyword.

These qualities are crucial, especially for new websites.

If you are new, you have to find a website that has these qualities. So let’s discuss what three qualities you need to look for in a keyword.

Low SEO Difficulty

SEO difficulty means how difficult it is to rank on a particular keyword. If a high domain authority website is ranking on a keyword. Then SEO difficulty will be High.

You have to find a keyword, which has low SEO difficulty somewhere Between ten to thirty is Good for a new website.

You have to find keywords that have low SEO difficulty because you can easily rank on these keywords.


Cost per click tells you what people are paying to Google to rank on that keyword.

The higher the CPC, the more valuable the keyword is. Because people are paying a high amount to just rank on that keyword. It means this keyword can be worth targeting.


It tells how many times a particular keyword searches on Google. You want the volume to be as high as possible, but you also need to look for the other two qualities in the keyword. Target a keyword that has a minimum of 100 volumes.

Short tail and long-tail keyword

The short tail keyword has 2 or fewer words in a keyword and, a long-tail keyword has 2 or more words.

Short tail keywords cannot give you a full answer about search intent. For example, if your keyword is “ iPhone 11”.

You don’t know what the user wants. It might be that people want to buy an iPhone 11. But maybe people want to see the review of the iPhone 11.

You can’t get a full understanding of what the user wants. You can’t solve their problem. If you don’t know what people want.

A long-tail keyword can give you an answer about what the user wants to see. For example, if people search “iPhone 11 Review”.

You can clearly understand that people want to see the review of the iPhone 11. If you have a product page, you don’t target this keyword.

Always target long-tail keywords. It can provide search intent which can help you identify what the user wants.

Title and Meta description

If you find a target keyword and, you don’t put them where they need to be. You cannot rank on that keyword.

It is crucial to know where to put your target keyword on your product pages.

First, you have to put your target keyword in the title and meta description. Because these both will appear on search results on Google.

Alt image text

If you are uploading your product images, then if they are relevant to your target keyword. Put them into alt image text as well.

Early and last section of your product description

If you put your target keyword early and in the last section of the product description.

It is a good chance that you can rank on that keyword. Because when Google crawls your website, they see that this keyword appears early and in the last section. It can give the search engine a clear understanding that you target this keyword.

Don’t put your target keyword somewhere where they don’t look natural because it can disappoint your audience. just put your target keyword where they look normal to your audience.

Analyze competitors

Analyzing your competitors is a great strategy. You can know what strategies competitors practice which makes their business successful and, You can apply them to your business as well.

If your competitor’s product and your product are the same. Look for a keyword, Which they are ranking on, and target those keywords in your product pages as well. You can use keywords everywhere for this.

If you both have the same product, You have to identify what features and benefits they are showing on a product page which you won’t tell on your product pages.

There are many things you can analyze about your competitors. You have to look for things that become successful for them and use them for your product pages.

Add user reviews

63% of customers are likelier to buy from an online store that features user reviews.

Other people’s reviews about your product can make a big impact on your sales because it shows how your product is helping people in their life.

The first thing most people check when they decide to buy a product is reviews of other people.

It can make a big impact on your sales, because when people see other people’s positive reviews about your product. Then they are more likely to buy your product.

Google also encourages when you add reviews to your product page because Google thinks it helps the audience make an informed decision about their purchase.

When people are buying something online, They will more likely check reviews.

So they can know what other people are saying about your product. If the reviews are mostly positive, then they are more likely to buy and trust your product.

Show relevant products

If someone clicks on the product page, show them some relevant products.

For example, if they click on t-shirts, you can show some relevant design t-shirt product pages. So the audience can better understand what they want to buy.

It may be possible that people purchase from the relevant product, which you show them.

It gives people more choice to choose from and, Google like this feature because it helps the audience get more choice.

Use product schema

Product schema provides more information about your product on search engine results pages for the best user experience. There are many types of schema you can use in your product pages.

You can go to Google structured Data markup helper to create schema markup for your product pages. It can give the best user experience to the audience.


Backlinks are crucial for your ranking on Google without them. It is not possible to rank your product pages.

But the problem e-commerce websites face is that they can’t get backlinks from other websites for their product pages because people want to link to content pages, not product pages.

So the one thing you can do is use content marketing and create content on your website which links to your product pages.

Pitch to other websites and ask them to link to your content by doing the broken link method or guest blogging method.

Then if they link to your content pages. It can also provide value to your product page because you link to the product page on your content.

By this, you can increase your traffic and ranking on Google. But remember that you want to get do-follow backlinks because these links provide value to websites.

In backlinks, the quality of a link is more important than the quantity.

Quality backlinks mean that you get backlinks from a website. That has high domain quality which means Google trusts this website. If you get backlinks from that website. You can get tons of value from these backlinks.

Backlink plays a crucial role in ranking. In other words, the more quality backlinks you have, the more ranking you will get.



If you take action on each SEO practice that we discuss. Then you can increase your ranking on Google.

But it will take time, probably months or even years, to get good results from SEO. You have to be consistent and be patient on SEO to get results.

Make sure you update your SEO strategy with new updates and keep learning SEO as search engines are coming up with new updates.

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