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The Universe Does Share Its Secrets

Listen closely and you will hear.

Tapestry created by author

The clouds though beautiful

have no dominion over the blue sky,

the dark sky or stormy sky.

Nor does the sun in a bright sky

or the moon in the night sky.

The vast universe,

made up of cosmos discovered

and to be discovered —

even though they say

This last one is always the furthest one

From The Man.

With telescope in hand

looking for the bottom of the black hole,

the dark hole,

the hole of swirling secrets untold.

Unknown to those not wanting to know,

but known to the meditator —

traveling through timelines,



of news held secret

familiar only to those who seek

the oneness with the Isness,

tasting the greatness of The All.

Vast Universe.

Expanse where we trod

when we sit in the quiet of our minds so loud.

That connection when directed

has conversations not spoken,

only heard through the clairaudient of the clairs.




Knowledge to share,

for those who want to hear

of the never-ending eternalness of eternity

that comprises the soul.

Nebula —

An interstellar.

Known by those who know,

she is our sister.

Deeper, deeper we sink,

nestled in the womb of dust, hydrogen and helium gases.

We are of the same DNA —


strands of the beginning

are strung

creating us.

Great Universe.

Holder of our secrets,

knower of our knowings.

We reach with outstretched arms and single minds

connecting, expanding, being.

© I. Trudie Palmer

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