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Aug 5 · 6 min read

This story is about one Asian girl, which is commonly recognized as “brown beauty”. In this context, I will share a tale of one heroic girl, and how she changes her faith with her mind and patience. Marriage is a connection between two souls. The spiritual meaning of marriage is eternal happiness and blessing. People from different corners around the world know about marriage from their perspective. Mostly, people consider marriage as a relation to producing a huge family. Whereas others consider marriage, as buying a maid for the household work. Learning and understanding people’s thoughts towards marriage are devastating for me. Negative thought about marriage and their assumptions that woman is like a human producing machine and a servant that will do the house chores all day long without break or salary. Many of you think that what thoughts people are adopting. Believe me, such thoughts and assumptions are not come from any religion or culture but by the inner self of man’s nature.

This story is about a village girl named Sara. She is courageous by nature, intelligent, and has a merciful heart. She was born in a village named “village Adalsher”. She rose in a very conservative family where girls get engaged in 13 years while getting marriage until 17 years. When Sara turned 13 years of age, her relative start discussing her engagement and begins searching a groom for her. Sara didn’t know about this, she was learning in her 9th standard and always remains at the top in her class. Because of her beauty, etiquette, and intelligence, she always remains a center of attention. Many colleagues were jealous of her because of her accomplishments and importance.

One day, when she returned from her school, Sara’s aunt hugs her happily and told her we have good news for you. You are getting engage with your cousin “Sahel”. You both will suitable for each other. Hearing this, Sara run towards her mother and asked her if she knows about this or aunt is making fun of my dreams? Her Mother “Amana” exhaustively replied to her daughter, yes. Your father deemed it appropriate in this way and I can’t object to your father’s decisions. By listening to her mother’s reaction towards her engagement she locked herself in her room.

Sahel was in the 12th standard. He was also unaware of this news when he got back to his home. His father welcomes him happily and congratulates him he is getting married to her cousin “Sara”. Hearing this news he smiled and said, Okay! I agree as you see fit for me. His father excitedly replied to him that’s my son, I am proud of you. Sahel knows very well about Sara and her character he was really happy, she was her crush. Further, Sahel’s dream was to be a Businessman, and he wants to settle in Australia.

Here Sara was devastated and cried all day long and she decides to speak up at this marriage proposal in other cases there would be no way out for her. She got up and prepares for her school without having her breakfast she went out for her school. Her mother knows her daughter she is stubborn and will eat nothing until she got what she wants. She came back from her school and again locks herself in a room. She was thinking and figuring out how she conveys her inner feelings to her parents she wants to learn and established her career, she doesn’t want this marriage. The next day, because of her anxiety, stress, starvation, and weakness, she falls unconscious. Seeing the condition of her daughter, her parents worried and depressed and asked about her behavior that why she is so unhappy? Sahel is very handsome and a good person, her mother reminded her. Sara, at her conscious state, talked with her parents openly about her engagement that she doesn’t want this engagement, she told them she doesn’t want to live a life where women are treating like slaves, not like wives. Her mother replied, take my example, I am pleased with my marriage; I never argued with my parents, you have become spoiled by going to school. Sara replied, No mother. You are happy with your marriage because at your time you had not any dreams, you had only one goal, and that was to be married. But in my case, I have dreams and you all are ruining my dreams and my life. She further said to her parents, I want to be a doctor, I want to serve humanity, that’s my dream and you all are spoiling everything.

Hearing her daughter’s actual desire, Sara’s parents were distressed. One night, her father (Ahmed) saw a dream about her daughter, he saw that her daughter was sitting under the garden and calling his father in a huge shade of the green tree. Her father approaches her suddenly, heavy storm and rain begin, her daughter giving a warm coat to her father and She asked her father “do not deprive me of achieving my desire” will you demolish my wishes? Her father woke up by her words, and he suddenly understands the meaning of his dream, that my daughter is destined to serve humanity. As soon as possible, her father went to Sahel’s home and asked his parents he is apologizing for this marriage proposal and he doesn’t want her daughter’s engagement now. Sahel parents’ astonished and asked him about the reason why you are canceling this engagement? We already prepared everything for the engagement ceremony. Sara’s father didn’t disclose the desire of her daughter and he told them, Sara is still immature and she is not ready for this engagement. They argued with his father, although Sahel understands and respects the decision but couldn’t get the actual cause for her canceling marriage because Sahel likes Sara and it is hard for him to leave Sara.

The very next day, after hearing good news, Sara continues with her schooling, with the best of her efforts. During this time, Sahel tried to approach Sara and questioned her about why she refused his proposal. Sara didn’t answer him because of the conservative society she can’t be able to convey her thoughts. Years passed, and both have returned to their ambition. Sara got admission in Medical University while the Sahel travels abroad for higher studies.

After five years, Sara becomes a doctor and starts her clinical practice. Sara’s parents feel proud of her achievements and change their thought about marriage they truly understand with her daughter that what is the meaning of life and eternal happiness. The Sahel returned with her business degree and starts her new career.

Soon Sara start’s to serve in a public hospital where she treats everyone with the best of her skills. Whereas, the Sahel successfully achieve his target and set-up his own company in the countryside and become a successful businessman and begins his planning to make his company international and to settle abroad.

During this time, the parents of Sahel and Sara remain concerned about their marriages. One day, Sahel and Sara both met at a family gathering where they start communication and share their thoughts. They found each other after years of patience and struggle, meeting for them is now turning their life’s new page. After a few days, Sahel sent a marriage proposal to Sara’s home. This time the scenario for Sara is different, and she replied yes with joyfully. Sara’s parents and family were overly contented and legitimately fixed their marriage ceremony.

Sara during their marriage was feel assure and find her eternal happiness with her spouse. The Sahel was not only a handsome person, but he truly adored for her achievement and about her character. He respected her decision, understand her, and support her in every decision. Now they are a happily married couple. Finally, Sahel with her wife is now residing in Australia.

“Big Journeys begin with small steps,”

This story has a happy ending, but much controversial marriage occurs in Asia where no one understands the needs of their daughters. In Sara’s case, her father shelters her and protects her daughter’s dreams, but not every daughter has a father like Sara’s father. In Asia relatives always play a major part to ruin a girl’s future by their ill-logical suggestions and promoting wrong acts of early marriage. And women are the ones who suffer ill-treatment and rejection from society.


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Written by

I love to write about diverse Topics, I am healthcare Engineer and Business woman. Learning new things is my passion.


We curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.


Written by

I love to write about diverse Topics, I am healthcare Engineer and Business woman. Learning new things is my passion.


We curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.

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