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The USA is gaining or losing from this Russia-Ukraine war

With each passing day, the requirement of weapons by Ukraine to defend itself is being fulfilled by NATO and in NATO, the USA is the chief exporter of weapons. So, you see the USA is benefitting from all possible angles.

The Culprit behind most of the wars in recent times. Photo by Steven Abraham on Unsplash

Weapons export: When US President Donald Trump had approved the export of weapons in the year 2017, he was cautioned by many that this could put Russia on a warpath. Yet, the US continued with the arms sale as they are just concerned about the profits that they are making. Be it Iraq or Afghanistan, they have done this everywhere but still, they have managed to keep the narrative of the entire world highly positive towards themselves.

The warnings have finally come true and now Ukraine needs more arms than before. Just two days after Russia invaded Ukraine, the US had ordered the release of weapons worth $350 million to Ukraine through the Foreign Assistant Act.

Oil and gas export: When it comes to oil, the US used to import only 10% of its total oil from Russia. So, banning oil is not going to affect much for the US economy much, but they can’t expect Europe to do the same. The European Union receives 40 percent of its gas and more than a quarter of its oil from Russia.

Again, even here the US is taking each step very cleverly. Who do you think is going to benefit if the European Union reduces its dependence on Russian oil and gas or bans it completely? It is the US again. They have already started increasing their exports and they plan to send 50 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe annually.

The global narrative: The US has single-handedly controlled the world narrative in every war possible. Whether it is the Iraq war or the Vietnam war, sometimes it is wrong intel, sometimes it is claiming to be helping the country in need and the world has believed them every time. Even now they are doing the same. They have managed to keep the views of the entire world towards themselves positive. For maintaining their so-called super-power status, they have gone to an unimaginable extent.

The US has a long history of destroying countries and benefitting from them. The most recent one on the list is Ukraine. The countries which had pledged to support it are nowhere to be seen. I just fear the same for even Ukraine. They shouldn’t have trusted them in the first place.

In the end, the US has everything to gain and nothing to lose. They have all the support and the money in the world.



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