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The Dreamer’sWord of The Day: Change

Change has nuances for dreamers, especially these days

the words together we will change the world written in white graffiti in a parking lot
Photo by Priscilla Gyamfi on Unsplash

Say the word change to most people and they quickly think of moving from one condition to another.

When dreamers hear the word change they sometimes think of the ability to change conscious states.

But some also think of the inability to become lucid.

When I see the word change, I envision the opportunity to transform our reality.

I’ve got thoughts about the word change as it applies to lucid dreaming, especially if you’re eager to experience the joy of finding stories in dreams:

  • Becoming lucid in a dream allows us to change our perspective
  • Dreams allow us to experience a change in a different dimension
  • Change is a constant, so why not preview it in dreams

Here’s the bottom line for every dreamer: you can experience lucid dreams and test drive a change before it happens.

Here’s how we all can make this a reality — watch this video showing some great lucid dreaming techniques.

The Best Lucid Dreaming Techniques: 5 Tips To Get You Started DreamTalking With Vickie

If you enjoy the video please like it and subscribe to my new channel.

You may find a community of dreamers to share your dream experience!

I think there is much we can do in a positive healing way as dreamers. Please join me.

Thanks for watching, I appreciate your time.



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