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The Worst Self-improvement Mistake

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Everyone wants to improve himself, and they try to do so, but they unknowingly do a tiny mistake for which they have to pay the price later on in their life. I am today going to discuss that.

Let us start with a question. Did you ever feel like getting stuck in a rut? A period of life where motivation is scarce, we are not feeling energetic and motivated as usually; we are in life.

The goals we set in front of our minds just disappear from the forefront of our brains. It's not possible for a normal human being to stay and survive with the same energy levels for a long period of time. Our motivation just drops and rises with time.

Motivation: A Useless Component (For Success)

We link our discipline with motivation, and that resists us to improve along our path.

Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pexels

In fact, motivation comes and goes. We should not rely on that. Instead, we should lay our backs on the Wall of Discipline, it’s going to secure you. I know you feel bad about yourself when you don't have the motivation to make your discipline persist.

I know that some of us just keep looking at something like a quote that shifts the perspective and makes us again motivated. Furthermore, I think it is the most inefficient way of dealing with it by far. I can say that it is the biggest mistake when people try to improve themselves.

The real problem is that people think that the only way of improving themselves is by changing their thoughts, but I think it is true to an extent and I also think that is a super inefficient method of getting out of a rut.

People then read so many quotes dripping with wisdom, so many motivational videos, and consume a lot of content, which makes them desensitized and unable to act upon that consumed knowledge.

Let me share with you an “Anti-quote Quote”

“We don’t think ourselves into new ways of living,we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.”–Richard Rohr

By this quote, I mean actions are more important than thoughts. If you do something valuable for yourself, you will feel good about yourself and think good about yourself.

“Action precedes the Thoughts”

Joey Schweitzer


What you have to do to improve yourself does not start with motivation, it just begins with doing something which you want to do.

So don’t wait for the motivation to come to you to do something you always wanted to, but just start doing that thing right away.

Simple is the thing. The important takeaway is:

By doing something that you haven't done before, you start thinking about some things you haven't thought about before.

If you made it through the whole of my writing, Here’s a golden nugget of advice I am giving you, my friend:

Action is a far more reliable source of inspiration than inspiration itself.

I hope you liked it and learned from it.





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