These Are The Only Bees You Need To Build A Sustainable Hive In Your Life.

2. The Second Bee Of Life: Be Brief.

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“Everyone faces up more bravely to a thing for which he has long prepared himself, sufferings, even, being withstood if they have been trained for in advance.

Those who are unprepared, on the other hand, are panic-stricken by the most insignificant happenings.”


What are you doing to be prepared?

Are you a lost soul wandering in the field of life?

Are you looking at the rearview?

The Steaks Are High.

I am standing there. My lips are shrinking. My fingers are paralyzed.

With each second passing by, I can feel colder and colder.

I did not get the memo.”, I said.

Did you read the email I sent?” she screamed calmly.

Well, I did skim it on my way here.”, I replied with a shaking voice.

I doubt it. Because I clearly said in the instructions to bring warm clothes and socks.”, she said while wearing her jacket and snow glasses.

Yes, but…” I argued.

No, not that bullshit again, Dude. You were warned so that you could be warm.”, she interjected.

My feet hurt. I am not feeling my tongue anymore.

As I tell this story, I can feel the cold of the mountain wrapping around my soul. Brrr…!

We were hiking with a friend in the Pyrenees in the South of France. Unfortunately, I came unprepared for the cold night.

That first camping night was not such a great experience at all.

1. The First Bee Of Life: Brief.

Preparing is almost 50% of the job done in every life endeavor.

As Robin Sharma said:

Everything is created twice: first in the mind, then in reality.



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