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These Mittens Are Worth Over $15,000

Putting a price on a priceless meme with a heartwarming story

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I’m a simple college student. I like a great beer, love my friends and a well-defined meme. My need for a quality meme was growing as it’s been a few months since I’ve seen one that’s been enjoyable.

When I opened Instagram the day after Biden’s inauguration, I found my feed littered with pictures of Bernie Sanders everywhere around the United States, from Pittsburgh to Utah.

Photo on Left By Scott Taylor — Photo on Right By Dave DiCello

My first impression of this was a little chuckle, and I went about my day. Yet my next social media session was once again accompanied by the one and only Bernie. This led me to find why this 79-year-old man and his black foldable chair has become so popular.

A quick google search directed me to a picture of the one and only sitting down as our new president took office. His familiar blue face mask and light brown overcoat were quite lovely, but trumped by the distinctive mittens he was wearing.

These mittens were not something you would find in Walmart. No, they were unique and held significant value to this event. Vermont school teacher, Jen Ellis created the gloves. Ellis had reportedly given the mittens to the senator during a campaign run.

When she began to receive inquiries about purchasing these prized people-pleasers, Ellis had tweeted some unfortunate news to her following of nearly 21,000.

Bernie and his mittens continue to make waves across the internet on places such as eBay. A local Texas artist has created a crochet doll of the senator, which includes the mittens of course. This doll currently has over 2,800 people watching and a bid price of $15,500!

Photo From Linked eBay Listing

However, the artist has no intentions of keeping a single penny from this as she has set all proceeds to benefit Meals on Wheels. If you’re unfamiliar, Meals on Wheels provides food to older folks who cannot or may not want to leave their homes, an organization that’s pivotal during this pandemic and protecting our older loved ones while keeping them healthy.

Amid our current political and social culture, it isn’t easy to find common ground often. Yet, harmless actions such as bringing Bernie Sanders (and his mittens) to the center of attention bring hope, joy, and unity to each of us.

While I shout out to a writer at the end of every story, I’d like to shout out Meals on Wheels for the selfless work they have continued to perform during these unpredictable times. If you have an extra dollar or money left from your stimulus check, consider helping them feed and protect our grandparents.



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