Why This Man Killed Himself Within Just 2 Years of Winning $31 Million

This tragic story of Billie Bob Harrell Jr. will teach you a lot about life and happiness.

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Photo of Billie Bob Harrell Jr.
Photo of Billie Bob Harrel Jr. Photo Source: baklol

Did Billie Bob know that he would shoot himself in the chest and die within just two years of winning the Lotto Texas jackpot of $31 million?

Before June 1997, Billie Bob Harrell Jr. was just another man struggling to maintain his family. He worked as a stockboy at Home Depot in northeast Harris County. But before working there, he was laid off from a couple of jobs.

Time was against him, and his income was barely enough to meet his ends. So, he was thinking a lot about how to earn more money to run his family smoothly.

As Bob was a deeply religious person, probably the religious spirit in him encouraged Bob to believe in luck. What else can a man do when the time is against him? So, every Wednesday and Saturday, Bob would gather a few dollars and purchase some lottery tickets to try his luck.

He used to choose the lottery numbers either — based on his children’s birth date sequence or the computer’s random selection.

Days were coming and going, but nothing significant happened in Bob’s life.

Then on June 28, 1997, the god of wealth bestowed the blessings on Billie Bob Harrell Jr. and he won $31 million in the Lotto Texas jackpot.

At the age of 47, Bob became a millionaire overnight. And it was beyond his wildest dream.

“I wasn’t going to give up,” Bob reacted after winning the lottery. “Everyone kept telling me it would get better. I didn’t realize it would get this much better.”

From nobody, he became the talk of the town. But what did Bob do with all that free money?

After winning the Lotto Texas jackpot, Bob purchased a ranch and a half-dozen homes. Each family member got new cars, and their lifestyle dramatically changed.

Bob made huge contributions to his church and the members of the congregation. If people came to Bob for help, he was ready to give them cash.



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