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Thoughts for You on COVID and Time

Reflecting on my sickness

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Everyone has done something like, “ I will do this later,” but later other work comes up, or we fall sick, or some contingency crops up, and whatever work we procrastinated remains incomplete.

Procrastination and sickness

I intended to write an article on the last day of the last year, but it never happened. I procrastinated on that article for the following Monday (3rd JAN), but today is 14th Jan, and that article is still incomplete.

A lot has happened between 3rd Jan and 14th Jan, and I realise we are better off when we don’t leave things for tomorrow.

What happened? Did I fall into a procrastination rabbit hole? I got so enchanted by procrastination that I procrastinated on the article until 14th Jan.

Well, on January 3rd, I was going about my day when in the late afternoon, I started feeling feverish, and sure enough, by evening, my body was aching. I crawled under my blanket, and before I knew it, my body was burning.

I could feel the heat coming off my face and forehead. I ran a temperature check, and my fever was 103 F. For the next three days, I remember doing three things: waking up, having medicines and falling back to sleep.

Last Friday, I started feeling better and got myself tested for COVID, and the results came back positive. I have a few thoughts on my sickness and time

The Virus Isn’tMmild

This virus isn’t mild. The second day of my illness, my throat got worse, and by night, my throat transformed into a pain-inflicting body part. If I took a sip of water, it felt as if the water had become a razor, scraping my throat as it went down the throat. Swallowing was a challenge. It seemed as if I was asking my throat to swallow an aeroplane. Every bite that I swallowed brought terrible pain. Fatiguness never left me for the next three days.


I was fully vaccinated, and that’s why I believe I started recovering after three days. I shudder to think what would have been the outcome without the jab. If you haven’t already, please get the jab.

Avoid procrastination

If you can finish a task today, finish it because you don’t know what tomorrow may bring- bad health or some difficult situation which prevents you from completing your work. More than a week has passed, and I am staring at Friday, and my article is still incomplete. Although I will finish my article, I will have to use today’s time for doing something that could have been done yesterday. I am not doing anything new, and it is not the best use of time.

The sickness gave me fresh perspectives, and I thought of sharing these perspectives with y’all.




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