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Thus I was called an Adult

Pains of growing up

Image by Scott Webb at Unsplash

As if to have a chilled breeze
rush through your spine
on a mild Autumn day,
I walked barefoot
towards what became know
as the depths of my despair.

Little did I know
what I was being pushed into.
Leaving the arms of adolescence,
the sweet memories of backyard friends,
the taste of dreams the future ascends,
yet not to forget some foolish regrets.

What once was an ordeal
is now something I laugh at.
Who would have known then,
how to choose love and friends.

Every day was uncertain
every minute held excitement.
Tears followed the smiles,
joy had its own share of disappointment.

Through it all, the only thing remain,
is to cherish and say I am no longer a child.

I don’t know
if I can say things can be worse,
I don’t know
if I can say I am happy to be alive,
I don’t know
if I can say I am working as hard as I can,
I don’t know
if I can say having faith will get me by,

Growing up might be the years I enjoyed dearly,
and needless to say, I’ve come to hate them
in this world that gives happiness no priority.

They say they care,
they say they’ll be there,
but who are they?
No one knows,
until one trips and falls
in you know what,
that thing we called despair.

Thus we circle back
to where we started,
like this monotonous life
with routines, schedules,
and everything complicated.

All things have a price
and growing up, had too.
Running towards the feelings
now lost, but I once knew.
The city I grew up in
feels like a far foreign land
hence, I continue to suffer
fitting in, where I can’t.
Unable to finish the poem
that I once started,
looking at people
who’ve already succeeded.




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