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Time for a Much Needed Coffee MakeOver

Add some spice to your life

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The message burst through the ethers to my ears — I cocked my head to hear better since at first, it was hard to decipher. ‘ bo…bore…boring…boredom…lives….boring lives.’ Boring lives, boring living? Who was living a boring life? I looked over my shoulder, who was talking to me, or were they? I have been called ‘no fun’ a time or two or three but it never bothered me since my definition of fun was not the same as those who attempted to label me ‘funbuster.’ This time I knew the message could not have been for me, I had taken fun to the next level these past months, so perhaps it is for you.

I listened some more. I heard that the guilty parties have been leading lives that were as colourless as shades of taupe — no zest, no enthusiasm as if they were simply going through the motions of living while waiting on the call home to glory. “Share some fun, send some spice” the message continued. “Start in their cup of joe.

Cup of joe? What was I to add to a cup of joe?

You know,….give them some of what you got. Remember that bliss in the cup that you found last time, that is what we mean.

Oh, you mean……write about how I make my coffee? Simply so? Who wants to read about that?

Each boring cup of joe.

I vexedly made my way to my laptop — it was Saturday, I wanted to sleep in and as I began typing, this is what I heard: -

….to make good coffee, you need a good coffee — something that reflects the richness of the earth, the warmth of the climate, and the love that was infused in its processing.

A Moka pot is a must. No so-called modern convenience of a drip, drip. Fill your pot with water to the mark — river water, rainwater, pipe water — none of that filtered nonsense that removes all of the trace elements and whatsitnot.

Spoon your coffee — the real deal, into the Moka's perforated cup, cover, and put on the stove to boil — if you have a wood fire or charcoal fire, put it on that. We are going old school. We are going back to the land, back to nature and all things natural.

Add milk or anything milky to your mug if you must — grated and strained coconut makes a delicious substitute for cow’s milk — or add rice milk, oat milk, cashew milk, soy milk, any milk!

And now this is where your cup takes on colour and flavour — get the spices out the cupboard. Yes, the same spices you use to bake with on those rare occasions you deign to do something different. Add two shakes of allspice, one shake of nutmeg, and one shake of bay leaf to your milk and warm.

By now the Moka is whistling and you are smiling. Your nose caught the whiff of something different, your taste buds got in on the action and your mouth begins to water. You marry café to warmed, spiced milkiness and you take a taste.

Hey, what’s that?” asks Mr. Taupe to Miss Shades-of-Grey. He felt something making its way up his spine, moving delightfully — like dancing flames from a well-fed fire.

He shudders and contorts in a way she finally realized was a dance — the Colourful-Cup-of-joe dance.



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Ilis Trudie Palmer

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