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Time management and motivation during Covid-19

Simple ways to stay focussed

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The outbreak of pandemic was so difficult for most of us to deal with. New challenges have made us go mad. It is normal and common to be struggling with physical isolation and online classes. It is necessary to figure out a new schedule and adapt to the new normal instead of worrying about the past.

Here are some ways to stay focussed and motivated during covid time.

Create a new routine

As we are facing quarantine, lockdown, we are supposed to remain at our houses and proceed our work from home. The best way to deal with this is to create a new routine, you can also write it down in a paper. This will help you feel secure and calm. People are not able to utilise their time like before. They are not able to go to library, gym or do combine study. Since they are missing these daily activities, they should think how to utilise the available resources in this time. Reading online books, working out at home will be possible to some extent.

You don’t have to be unhappy, anxious or unmotivated. Following a new routine is a remedy for these problems. Following a regular sleep schedule is very useful. Always schedule time for class, homework, meals, exercise, rest time etc… wake up in the morning and get a shower done. It will make you feel fresh and motivated. Designate a workspace for you. If you don’t have one, clear up a desk or set up a card table. Keep you workspace always clean; it will help you to stay focussed.

Manage distractions

Yes, you are at home, you will have distractions but don’t make it an excuse to be lazy. Keep a step away from your comfort. There will be your siblings, kids at home who keep the television in high volume, or your dog may distract you. Sometimes you have to babysit your young siblings or kids. It is important to focus on your work rather than to get distracted and not work.

Setting up your workspace far away from the game console is a good option. Use some good noise cancelling headphones. Keep your phone away or in silent mode whenever you are working. Try not to get engaged with phone during working time. Moreover, it is important to discuss your needs with your family. It is okay to talk about your boundaries; no matter whatever it is they will help you with your necessities.

Motivate yourself

Without a proper routine, you may lose sight of your purpose. Online classes, work from home are less real, thus making people less motivating. Always try to do work from your workspace rather than doing it from your bed. Set small achievable goals for every day. Celebrate it when you achieve them. Do something interesting every day, like baking, gardening, cleaning your room… this will keep you motivated and engaged.

Assessing each of your responsibilities for priority is the key in being a good time manager. Being efficient in planning out your day will help you stick to your schedule.



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