To be so lonely

Short Poem

Nidhi M.
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2 min readJan 21, 2021


Photo by Jack Ward at Unsplash

Never did I think,
Staring at these walls,
Could be so interesting.

The feeling of emptiness,
Never settling urge to escape,
Fear of missing out,
And worries of being unwanted.

In a place so full of warmth,
That it burns my skin.
I wish the winter stays,
Cold nights help me sleep.

Under the sheets, all alone,
Holding a stuffed pillow,
Not letting the dreams escape,
I wish to lay forever this way.

Missing the touch,
Of someone, I don’t know.
Wanting the warmth,
Of a person unknown.
A distant memory,
That doesn’t seem real,
Do they even exist,
Or is it just me being delusional.

I don’t remember,
How I spend my days.
Distant thoughts take up all the space,

As if I am in a Lucid dream,
Nothing looks real.
Yet there are my wildest thoughts,
That appears more tangible.

Time flies, as I play with the butterflies,
And unicorns and pegasus,
Amidst chirping birds,
Laughing under the blue sky.

Could there really be someone,
To save me from myself.
Could there really be someone,
Who smiles with my existence.

All the pictures,
Of those princes and princess,
Having happy endings,
Looks so lonely together.
Yet how it makes me sad,
I never had a promise of forever.



Nidhi M.

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