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To The Unknown Girl

Photo by Jordy Meow on Unsplash

To the unknown girl who lost her life,
in this cruel world’s witless fights.
The star of her mother’s eyes,
lost its light on that dreary night.
When the world was brawling over a piece of land
and she was busy making castles in the sand.

But then dropped the gift of doom,
which stole a blooming star from this world
And gave it a cold blooded gloom.
She just saw the light of a mere explosion,
little did she know this was her departure
from this inhumane world that led to her expiration.

But her story will live through times,
to ensure that she was the last one.
Her story will reverb in the homes of her murderers
to bring her story in this world’s ugly sight.
We owe a life, to the unknown girls who lost their lives,
in this cruel world’s unsolicited fights.

Dedicated to the victims of war.



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Manthan Mohite

Manthan Mohite

Public speaker, Chemical engineer, human.