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Top 10 School Management Software— School ERP For You(2023)

Best school management software to organize and grow digitally.

Top 10 School Management Software. Image By Author Mani Pathak.
  1. Student fee collection
  2. Students record keeping
  3. Tracking students' progress, attendance, results, and much more.
  4. Communication with students and parents.
  5. Business activities and branding.
  • The human workforce is more expensive.
  • There is room for error.
  • And hard to manage things with automation like software.

That’s how I decided to help schools to find the best school management software that can try to stand out from the crowd.

Top 10 School Management Software (School ERP)

1. Edunext School ERP Software

Source: Edunext School ERP Software

2. TeachMint- Learning Management Software

Source: TeachMint.
  • It’s an Indian company.
  • Have more than 200+ employees.
  • Trusted in 50+ countries.

3. Zoho School Management Software

Image Source:

4. Lead School ERP software

  • Headquartered in Mumbai, India.
  • Trusted by 3000+ schools.
  • Managing over 12,00,000 students' profiles.

5. School-ERP
  • Cloud-based ERP.
  • Quite popular in Mumbai.
  • 21+ modules.

6. Entab School Management Software

  • Trusted by 3000+ schools.
  • Provides a variety of payment gateway solutions.
  • Entab is known to help your growth by 30% every year.

7. Candour Systems School ERP Software

  • Web-based and user-friendly.
  • Parents and student login.
  • Cloud hosted.
  • Reliable and fast support.
  • 20+ modules to help you.

8. MyClassroom (School ERP)

  • 2900+ schools.
  • 1,00,000+ staff, 17,000,000+ students in the 200+ cities.
  • Pricing starts at just $0.2/student (User).
  • 21+ modules.

9. UC School

  • Online Admission
  • Academic Management
  • Student Information Management
  • Employee Management
  • Fees and gateway management.
  • Communication
  • Free Modules
  • Live Streaming feature
  • Learning Management System

10. eSkoool — School Management Software

  • Complete Student Management
  • HR, Staff Management, Attendance
  • Fees, Transport, Library Management Module
  • Time Table Management
  • View Records on the Go with Apps
  • Pricing starts at $350 (Rs. 29499)/- Per Year
  • Easy to use and flexible.
  • Premium support
  • Data backup facility
  • Secure cloud servers
  • Web and mobile apps

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