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Top 4 Underrated SEO Techniques

SEO isn’t about gaming the system anymore; it’s about learning how to play by the rules. — Jordan Teicher

Top 4 Underrated SEO Techniques
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SEO plays a big role for websites from any industry to rank on top search results. Most people do keyword research and internal links. But other SEO techniques are often underrated and have a lot of potential to increase your ranking on top search results.

SEO has evolved over the years and, it’s gone from just putting keywords into your website to optimizing for many Google ranking factors.

These underrated SEO techniques will help you increase your ranking but remember it still takes time to rank on top search results. Most people do these SEO techniques and expect to get hundreds of traffic within a week or month.

But that’s not possible. You must know that it usually takes 3 or 6 months to rank on top search results. It still takes time to rank on Google, but it’s worth it in the long term.

These underrated SEO techniques sometimes get ignored because most people want to do the easy part in SEO (putting keywords) and don’t do the hard part of SEO.

If you want to rank on top search results, you have to focus on the hard part of SEO, which most websites dont do it. So let’s learn these underrated SEO techniques, which can increase organic traffic to your website.


1. Competition analysis

Most people create content on a topic without seeing what their competition has already provided on that topic. It is a very underrated SEO technique because people don’t analyze their competition and don’t focus on what works for their competition.

If you want to know what SEO strategies will work for you in your industry. The best place to look at is your competitions and see what works for them.

In SEO, It is easier and wiser to use strategies that worked in the past. Rather than try to invent something new which may not work.

You can use keywords everywhere to find what keywords your competition is ranking for on top search results and use this keyword on your website to increase your search traffic.

When you create content on a topic, You have to analyze what your competitors have already provided on that topic.

It will help you be different from your competitor’s content and create more valuable content for the audience. Analyzing your competition is crucial to increasing your search traffic, but not many websites do this.

2. Content quality

Today, SEO isn’t only about optimizing your website for search engines, But also about optimizing it for the audience.

Google wants to rank a website that gives users a good user experience and high-quality content. Some changes can positively help your audience. you should do it because it likely increases search traffic.

Content quality plays a crucial role in ranking your website on Google. in the 2000s, if you have mediocre content, you still can rank on top search results.

But today, Google uses more advanced machine learning technology and, it only wants to rank websites that provide the most value to the audience. Most people still create below-average content and expect to rank it on top search results.

Some of the ways to increase your content quality are.

Content formatting

It isn’t only important what you provide, but it is also crucial to know how you present it. Most websites put 10 or 15 lines in each paragraph that nobody will read.

Today most people have a short attention span. You have to shorten your paragraph into 4 or 5 lines so the audience won’t get overwhelmed by the text and easily read your content.

Don’t use fancy words, Easy to read

Most people put fancy words into their content and think the audience will believe that they know about that topic.

But the truth is the audience will quickly leave your website. It will go to websites that provide easy-to-read content.

If your content is difficult to read for the audience, it will be hard for websites to solve audience problems.

If you won’t solve the problem. Most likely, You won’t rank on top search results.

Add images and video

Most people prefer images and videos over text. Today engaging your audience with text will probably not work.

You have to put images and videos into your content so your audience will engage with your content.

When you want to upload videos to your website, You first upload them on youtube and then link them to your website. So your website hosting doesn’t slow down with large video files.

Add research studies

Most people will trust your website if you back your claims with research studies and data.

You make bold claims about something and won’t provide any data or studies to prove it. Then the audience likely won’t like your content and go to someone who makes claims based on studies and data.

Content quality is one of the underrated SEO techniques which most people won’t utilize because it takes a lot of time to create high-quality content. But if you want to rank on Google for the long term, it is crucial to focus on content quality.

3. Update old content

When creating a lot of content, most websites won’t update their old content, which doesn’t receive any search traffic. They think it won’t provide any value after the update. So they dont update their old content with up-to-date information.

But that’s not true. You have to update your old content. It may be that after updating your old content and providing more value to the audience, your content ranks on top search results.

Most people won’t focus on these SEO techniques. They are only seeing that their old content isn’t providing traffic. But what they don’t see is what potential it has to rank after updating that content.

You have to create new content. But also update your old content with up-to-date information. You never know when Google ranks that content on top search results.

4. Image optimization

These small SEO changes can significantly improve your ranking. But most websites ignore them because they think it doesn’t matter much.

Image optimization can be a great way to rank your images on top search results. It can increase your chances to rank your webpage on top search results.

You have to include image alt text in every image. Search engines won’t understand what is in the image like we humans do.

We have to tell them what is in the image by providing alt image text. If your target keyword and image are related, then include your target keyword in alt images text. It increases your likelihood to rank on that keyword.

When uploading images to your website, it may slow down your website. It is because it has a big image file size. You can reduce that file size by using a TinyPNG or other free tool without compromising quality.


Knowing these underrated SEO techniques is different from actually practicing them. Make sure you not only understand these underrated SEO techniques. But also practice them on your website.

Most websites ignore this underrated SEO techniques because they are too busy doing keyword research and internal linking. These underrated SEO techniques can significantly increase your search traffic.

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