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Transition Is Underway. Have You Chosen What You Desire To Create?

We alone have the choice which path to walk

The Transition Is Underway To — Katarzyna Grabowska, Unsplash

Transition is underway, how we ride through this change will determine the future we are creating. Creating meaning and purpose in our lives comes in equal parts from hope, courage and inspiration as well as the reality checks of discipline and application. Ultimately, these all rely on the level of trust we have in ourself.

The Aquarius full moon on 24th July opened the opportunity to boldly claim the future we want to see. Unusually, 2021 has two Aquarius full moons in a row — suggesting Spirit really does want us to master the lessons of Aquarius.⁠

Aquarius Is About The “Us”

As the Water Bearer, she flows the ‘Waters of Wisdom’ from her Vessel of Life deep into the psyche of humanity. We are called to breathe in her Wisdom and let it flow forth in our lives, in compassionate, kind and humanitarian ways.

Aquarius loves social justice and bringing about a world that works for all rather than just a few. Often a rebellious change maker, this full moon called to us to shatter and transition through the existing paradigms.

This July Aquarius full moon focuses on gaining clarity as to what you want, the more radical, extraordinary and over the horizon the better. The second one, rising on 22nd August, will be more about embracing new stories and collective myths that will help us transition to those new visions.

Encouraging you to be independent, embracing the authentic vision you have for your life.

Our sheer ability to create expands and evolves all of Creation. When we doubt, feel small, unworthy, and uncreative, our thoughts will create that reality. Hence, we alone have the choice of which path to walk.

To add greater emphasis, throughout 2021 Saturn is in Aquarius and Jupiter is in Aquarius most of the year.

Aquarius is about the “us”, not the “me” of the ego. The impact of Venus on this full moon is to challenge and question ALL of our relationships. Those to self, friends, family, lovers, employers, government, religious heads — all that proclaim there is only one story.

2021 is a 5 Universal year in Numerology, so change is inevitable. It is from this transition a new world will unfold.

This was heralded on 21st December 2020 by the dawning of the Age of Aquarius with latest Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. This takes place once every 20 years.

Pandemics And Great Conjunctions

As I wrote in “The Tipping Point Of Change Is Looming”:

“Humanity is currently transiting from the throat to the third eye chakra, from isolation and separation to the unity of connection. A situation similar to Europe after the Black Death when people and villages had isolated themselves to survive.”

The Renaissance is generally described as taking place from the 14th to the 17th centuries, that is as the upheavals wrought by the Black Death re-structured European society. 1346 is considered to be when the Black Death started somewhere in Asia. It was preceded in March 1345 by another Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter, also in Aquarius.

Some of the history about the alignment of that pandemic and its Great Conjunction, can be found in this article by Dr. Clifford Cunningham.

The Great Conjunctions pinpoint is where humanity places its focus and also establishes the form of human evolution. They also tend to meet in the same “zodiac element” for about 200 years, increasing that element’s potency within our world.

For the last 200 years, Jupiter and Saturn have predominantly been meeting within the Earth zodiac signs — Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. The Earth signs represent the material world: wealth, consumerism, materialism, industrialisation, and the environment.

In December 2020 the conjunction moved into the Air signs — Gemini, Libra, Aquarius for the coming 200 years. Humanity's primary focus moving to science, philosophy, technology, intellect, communication, and culture. Also, direct connection to the Creator, spirituality becoming every day — though with an increasing scientific awareness.

The objective for all of us is to find ways to express ourself and build a life that you are proud of — one that feels you, not others, are in command of your life. Be courageous, vivacious, and bold to do so.

Message From Source

The latest Message from Source provided an overview of our crucial role in the process of transition underway:

There is an event coming which will remind you all the fragility of life as well as the hope which exists. This event will come as a reminder to all a transition is underway. The question is whether change is allowed to flow and assisted to do so, or humanity needs to be pushed to do so — prodding is no longer sufficient.

The intention is not to cause damage, rather to ensure appreciation is gained to prevent further damage. Hence why the increase in consciousness is important to the creation of the direction humanity and Mother Earth head. Action must align with the consciousness or else there is a conflict which will create further damage. No longer is it the moment to simply believe and follow, now is the moment to make your own choice and act accordingly. That way greater disruption will not be needed.

You yourself have experienced this on many occasions in this life. Alignment with what is flowing is the key practice. When there is no alignment, expect further reminders to appear.

Change has been initiated to assist the transition, now is the moment to create clarity as to the direction. One which is based on what you seek to create rather than fear as to what will take place. This is how humanity will attract more disruption.

Each of you has to make the choice as to what is it you desire to create in this life, otherwise how can it be created?

As we begin the month of August, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are retrograde. Midway through the month, Uranus will join them, making four planets in retrograde.

August Could Change Your Life

The effect of these retrogrades may be to lead us down memory lane or to feel we need to re-visit past events in some way before we can move ahead.

Re-visiting the past during this retrograde energy may actually bring us the clues and guidance we are seeking to gain clarity as to our direction.

According to Numerology, August 2021 is a 4 Universal month. The number 4 is about laying the groundwork and creating solid foundations for what is to come. Whilst this may not seem particularly exciting, it is a month that could change your life. There will be an inner confidence the effort expended will generate a huge return.

Though the steps may seem small and insignificant, they will realise your vision. Be aware traditional tools that are very goal-oriented and strategic will simply not deliver the available full potential. The transition to new eras requires new approaches.

The moon reaches the North Lunar node on 3rd August, suggesting this may be the moment when we know what or where to direct ourselves towards. Solutions to problems we need to solve may also pop up.

When subsequent decisions are made in accordance with what we really believe and know is true, then when the Moon reaches the position of the Sun on the morning of 7th August, we will be satisfied with the decisions taken.

The day after brings the magical Lion's Gate portal, which this year coincides with the new moon in Leo. This is a day where we can connect with and download higher frequencies with greater ease. It is also a power day for manifestation.

The new moon roars its arrival on 8th August. This will bring a period when you will feel enthusiasm and passion infuse your life.

Next Step In The Aquarian Transition

The events that begin now will be the basis of what comes to completion around 16th February 2022. Remember, the purpose of life is to have fun and joy.

Which is emphasised when Venus moves into Libra on 16th August. Creating a window of almost four weeks to build harmony in your relationships. In addition to negotiations easing, our most romantic nature can step forward with the right person. Though only if we are clear about who will truly mirror us. This will be an especially social period.

On 19th August Uranus goes retrograde, marking a powerful transition point in 2021. It will remain retrograde until 18th January 2022. Planets are especially powerful at the moment they change direction. Since 2018, Uranus has been altering humanity's perspective regarding economics, currency, and the environment.

The same day we will begin to feel the effects of the second of the full moons in Aquarius. Rising on 22nd August, it provides a period of culmination for us all. This is tied to what you were building in the days following 11th February 2021. The Aquarian influence will encourage you to be independent and embrace the authentic vision you have for your life.

It will also be emphasising the “us” as increasingly people notice we are more connected than separate. This moon will seem delightful, festive, and sweet.

Jupiter is in Aquarius until 28th December. We therefore have until then to prepare the ground for ourselves and those we connect with ahead of the 2022 shake up.

Please do contact me should there be a specific area you would like more insights about.

My desire is to help all to live life on their own terms, ideally having fun and joy. So please DO share and pass this story to others you love.

To Choosing What You Desire To Create


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Gregory Reece-Smith, aka the Shamanic CEO, is a Creator and International Best-Selling Author. His diverse background includes being the CEO of a public company and coaching fledgling businesses as well as international executive teams such as IKEA.

His passion is using his skills and wisdom to inspire others to lead, find their inner strength, and connect feelings they may have repressed in achieving success. Upending deeply held beliefs so all are free to accelerate their life and so their business.

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Gregory Reece-Smith

Author. Creator, the Shamanic CEO. My calling is to guide all to live a life of fun and joy as we move through this period of transition.