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Almost Four Years Into The Trump Presidency, He Must Fall

Decency against tyranny, integrity after ego, science over heresy, justice vs. deception, wisdom takes on agitation, the choice is clear. And it’s time to dump the orange demagogue.

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Scathing from the past more than three years of his presidency, Donald Trump’s mere presence poses an imminent coercion to the fundamentals of rationality. November 3rd is the chance to extinguish it; or not.

Donald Trump—or as he likes to tout himself, one of the best presidents in history of the country—poses an existential threat to even the most basic forms of decency still enduring in this world.

He repeatedly expressed disdain towards science, boasted his verbal assaults at women, dismissed the dire calamity of climate change as a “hoax”, evaded taxes, undermined the long-cherished democracy, left millions of people vulnerable to a rampant virus as he holds his demagogic rallies.

The list goes on and on.

Just a little more than three days until Election Day, the long-awaited moment could just be one with the potential to reverse all our descending courses, into ones that may not be perfectly desired at any other time but, today, is urgently coveted. A switch in administration would mean so much that given all the havoc brought about by 2020, we could not possibly foresee.

It’s time to recall some of the issues created by Trump that, if the upcoming election doesn’t manifest and thrust him out of office, could be irreversible and ultimately, calamitous for the entire human race.

Donald Trump’s bombastic approaches to every issue has been embodied ever since he initiated his campaign proposals—among those, a physical barrier (that marvelous wall) across the Mexican border, a “Muslim ban,” and baseless hails to put Hillary Clinton, his then political component, behind bars. These were, counterintuitively, the exact traits which got him onto the presidency. He had no regards to any appearance of propriety, simply going with his whim was his mantra—and he prevailed.

In the several days succeeding his being sworn into office and embarked on his ludicrous campaign to “Make America Great Again,” a few friends of mine were betting whether he could make it to that summer without being impeached or having some civil upheavals erupted.

It turns out he’s been sitting in office for three and a half years and, amid all the condemnations, still holding a pretty decent shot at a reelection.

“America has been deceived by this con-artist,” some may voice.

Others chant, “He’s a pathological liar who just turned out to be lucky.”

Yes, he was, and still is, a brazen liar unabashed for exhibiting his ignorance and lust for personal gains.

Yet he was elected.

People coveted unattainable advances in a long-lasted political trend as they turned to Trump’s populist calls.

Setting aside the intrinsic flaws of the Electoral College, we must admit he still beat Hillary Clinton back in 2016 with a somewhat legitimate victory that marked the dawn of a new epoch of American politics, one of utter animosity and power struggles between self services and the glimmering remnants of integrity.

Photo by Michelle Bonkosky on Unsplash

This myopic kleptocrat sitting in the highest office just suitably offered what the country was to hope for in that relatively, for lack of a better term, tedious political landscape—one flocked with persistence and prudent leadership.

People coveted unattainable feats in a long-lasted political trend as they turned to Trump’s populist calls.

His isolationist cries, out-of-line hails, and a conspicuous proposal to “build a wall” on the US-Mexico border soon filled the hearts of his like-minded constituents—ones who have not obtained what they desired under the Obama Administration.

It’s certainly not their fault, as many, to this day, share a deep sense of remorse over their choice. Given the past four years, they know they’ve made a mistake, and now it’s their chance to revoke it.

Over the past four years, Trump has overturned the world order—undermining the country’s most staunch allies whilst dabbling in intimacy with authoritarian leaders, yearning to be like them—emboldened racial divisions, and left millions in limbo as the coronavirus pandemic rampages the soul of the nation.

He is pathetic on display, a man not worth an ounce of empathy—just as his lack of it.

When apprised of the gut-wrenching death toll, he simply gives a shrug, and murmurs.

“It is what it is.”

This instance, an emblematic totem of his incumbency, unmasks the flagrant incompetence he possesses and strips him of the outlandish excuses he’d routinely forge. It’s a level of nonchalance we’d never expect from any decent leader—besides some queer dictators from second-world countries whom nobody would pay much heed to, say the president of The Philippines, whose idiosyncratic hypocrisy laced his tenure.

In succinct terms, shedding his pandemic response an utter “disaster” would be a great understatement. No other country has politicized the virus like Trump did, with his ludicrous wishful-thinkings that have proven none but misguiding.

His unreasonably optimistic pledges, namely the “it will disappear like a miracle,” as if he’s fiddling with magic, not science. Coincidentally, unscientific could just be the best match for his botched response of the coronavirus—at first deeming it a “hoax” from Democrats and stubbornly referred to it as the “China Virus”. At times, it just seemed like he was clutching onto all positive cords without even consulting common sense, evident from his suggestions to inject bleach and shed UV Lights onto patients, which, in his initial expression, could’ve been a potent cure for the rampant disease (at least for him).

This single pandemic unveiled how much of a fiasco the administration has been, paving the stage for Trump’s opportunism in a divergent from reality.

When it comes to foreign policy, what good has Trump left for this world?

Short response: a more hostile world epitomized by worsening relations between the two world powers, waves of right-wing populist uproars, an ever-more threatening Iran, and a North Korea whose illicit nuclear program has gone largely unchecked. The world order is, bluntly speaking, at the verge of an impending detachment.

Trump is an aberration.

With his short-sighted bigotry on foreign policy, Trump has unilaterally withdrawn from multinational institutions seeking to resolve appalling issues in work for a more sustainable future. He wants none of that.

His capricious displays of arrogance has earned him nothing but disdain. Flirting with autocratic leaders, denouncing ally leaders as “very dishonest and weak”, undermining global agreements—it’s all his whim; he doesn’t wanna be strained by international regulations. Protectionism is his key.

These years of hectic interplay has all but assured to blanch the United States’ leadership among the world, and especially the western countries as they harbor an ever-more volatile America.

He craves for ephemeral interests, regardless of who he deals with, to better himself and, alas, is just how he views diplomatic ties between countries—a network of tit-for-tat deliberations dictated by realpolitik in lieu of one that aim at creating win-win solutions and preserve the common good.

Trump is an aberration for this increasingly interconnected world.

Besides all that sabotage, he has fueled division within.

Amid waves of social indignation following the death of George Floyd—whose death denoted to the long-preserved systemic racism plaguing the country—Trump has avoided rebuking police brutality but turned his fingers to the intermittent looting and anarchy permeating the generally peaceful means of expression.

This was significant to what he’s been pushing all along—that he finds a sense of entitlement stemmed from prejudice and ignorance and brought those about onto the political stage, evident from his irrational “Muslim Ban” to referring to African nations as “shitholes”.

The stakes of this election is cannot be enumerated or veiled by superficial calls. It’s one that will test the nation’s integrity against a tyrannical leader, one that has unforeseeable implications that will affect generations to come.

Just like the timing of this referendum, its stakes are ring no precedence.

For the sake of propriety, the last glimmers of hope in an enclosing abyss, the sake of our planet, and the sake of a more just and accustomed future, vote blue.

Vote, or watch the norms vanish before our eyes.



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