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Trust The Process

The universe knows best

Image from Pixabay, altered by author

In the bible (Genesis 37), there was a boy called Joseph, and he had a dream where… You know what? Here’s a part of it:

We were binding sheaves of grain out in the field when suddenly my sheaf rose and stood upright, while your sheaves gathered around mine and bowed down to it.

It must have been rough being Joseph’s brothers at that moment, but that’s not the point here.

Joseph had a dream, he communicated that dream, and it kinda went haywire from there. He was kidnapped and put into a hole (Bob Marley recounts the whole thing in 'Redemption Song’). He left the hole, went into slavery.

The story ends with his dream coming true, and that is the point of this article.

When we first learned about the law of attraction and our ability to manifest, we thought it would be all cherries and vanilla. We thought we would just close our eyes, imagine what we want, and viola… it’s not always like that and that is why we have to trust the process — coz it could get rough.

Remember your vision

In ‘Evan Almighty’, we are made to understand that if you ask for patience, you are given the opportunity to be patient; and we all know those opportunities are usually not pleasant.

Why did I bring that up? Because when you aspire to something, whatever it is, you create a vision of yourself having or being that thing you have aspired to. Now you are to have complete faith in that vision and trust that whatever happens next, is taking you closer to that vision — it’s usually difficult, and there is the temptation to be despondent when the rough patches come, in those times, holding on to your vision and trusting the process is the only thing that helps you take a breath and get through.


The universe knows the best way to get us from where we are to where we are going, and we (in our physical form) most times have no clue of what process is going to play out in order to get what we have dreamed.

Take out time and read the story of Joseph. It will become clear that the process, while beyond our control, is necessary in order to achieve our dream. Once you have set the vision, worry not about what comes next. See the vision as already achieved and it will be so.

Stick it out, there is the calm after the storm. Trust the process.



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