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Twilight Times

Photo by Chapman Chow on Unsplash

I’m trying to pick out certainty
Over the counter, whichever you feel

I’m trying not to be stuck on the puzzle
A colorful hat and trophies glistening

I’m trying always to be there
So far we’re just wadin’ in the water

I’m trying not to look back at the shore
And all the clouds that shroud us by the oar

I’m trying hard to move past it
There lies the growth and all the flowers with it

I’m trying for myself to stop the weepin’
In waves, it comes and breaks down on my skin

I’m trying not to think right now
Of you on the town, alone, moving on

I’m trying for my life
That fleeting, selfish, inconsiderate pain

I’m trying to do good
But in the twilight, these thoughts hog the spotlight

I’m trying not to think of you
Your winter scarf in full view in the summer

I’m not afraid to rip apart
The mast, the wires, and poles that held up my life

I’m not afraid of disintegrating in the dark
but I dread the same happening to you



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