Two Friends

Abhimanyu Kapoor
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1 min readMay 14, 2021


Photo by Jorge Flores on Unsplash

Two friends met after a long time,
and were exhilarated over the event;
the first one as soon as they met,
started over his achievement.

The second one was happy,
over this joyous coincidence;
meeting after a long time,
was all she cared about hence.

They walked together,
and emerged into an alley;
when the first one said,
“What about you, Sally?”

She said that life had treated her well,
and she was happy and satisfied;
even though she had experienced,
an overwhelming plight.

She had suffered an accident,
which had left her wallet empty;
but her family had survived which,
gave her happiness, aplenty.

She told him how achievements,
did in sooth, provide joy;
but that was only momentary,
which when, over, left a void.

A void of happiness,
which people try to fill in life;
they try to fill it by accomplishing,
something bigger, with a continuous strive.

She also said that,
she found happiness in people;
that instead of making it,
short-lived, made it eternal.

The man was awestruck,
and the gap between his lips grew;
after he had realised what he had done,
he said, “I am elated to meet you!”



Abhimanyu Kapoor

A student wanting to express the colours of life through poems, articles and stories.