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6 min readJun 13, 2023
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One of the first journalistic pieces of wisdom I learned in my childhood was that old cliche, how the first casualty of war is the truth. I have been quite peripheral in my writing about Ukraine because there isn’t much to say about it if one wishes to speak intelligently.

There are a variety of positions to take. There is the position of vulgar idiocy. Which is of course to support the west in their effort to consolidate power to NATO and sell lots of weapons in the process.

Following this, there is the position of intellectual idiocy, to support the Russian federation in their effort to gain access to vital natural resources in the Donbass region… and, in fairness, establish hard borders against NATO’s illegal hegemony.

This is what makes the stupidity intellectual. It evades the cynical purposes to the Russian federation by blending it with a recourse that is in fact perfectly reasonable.

We saw the same thing during the Yugoslav conflict when, while it is true that Milosevich was a corrupt liberal career politician shaped by western ideas about statehood, he was also on some level, reasonable in asserting a defence against NATO’s ultimatum against Serbia.

This is because NATO has always been in the business of using pressure in a way as to manufacture their own enemies by making war seem reasonable through economic and political sabotage.

It doesn’t matter if you read Vladimir Illyich Lenin, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ho Chi Minh or Smedley Butler, all of them warned the world of the dangerous model of warfare that was invented by Hitler. Namely, a mode of industrial warfare for profit. NATO has always existed for this purpose. NATO is, fundamentally speaking, a Neo-Nazi organisation, founded by Nazi war criminal Adolf Heusinger.

NATO has always existed to create wars, sell weapons, and conquer foreign nations. To the educated mind, this is obvious, all you need is a perusal through even the most pedestrian of disclosed CIA documents. To the ignorant mind, it is a profane conspiracy theory, just like any other meaningful research into the rudimentary motives of military operations.

After all, men who kill perfect strangers over abstract motives with regards to one’s own self gain through careerism and personal wealth are, as any rational presumption would conclude, entirely bound by their firm ethical indebtedness to the many unremarkable civilians such as yourself.

To even imagine that these people have the potential for subterfuge in their lifetime dedication towards extrajudicial slaughter of entire nations, is to live in a world of paranoia. To take a general or a military spokesperson at anything other than sheepish face value is to place a miserable bet on irrational distrust.

…or so the hired liberal punditry of arms dealing billionaires are inclined to tell us.

I think the reason why I despise progressives so much is because of their dishonesty. Conservatives tell the truth. They hate foreigners, they don’t mind killing them, and they don’t mind becoming rich in the process.

They measure moral fortitude by the metric of their intricate webs of offshore bank accounts. They are selfish parasites, and they relish in this identity.

But the progressives, in an effort to maintain the theatrics of democracy, have to pretend to be something else.

The question isn’t “Should there be war?” or “Should we sell weapons of war?”

The question is simply whether or not these iron clad dictations from the ruling classes should be motivated by hatred for the Russians, or pity for the Ukrainians.

Whether or not America’s latest housebroken tinpot fascist government should be built on the virtues of sanctimony or the vices of prejudice.

And while I can accept that the world is not perfect, while I can accept that there are in fact evil men, what I find hard to swallow is the hypocrisies of brutes and murderers. There is nothing charitable about stoking the flames of war. You do not save lives by taking them. There is no zero sum game.

You do not spare a Ukrainian by killing a Russian, and likewise, you do not save a Russian by killing a Ukrainian. All you can say with certainty is that you have killed someone for the arbitrary gains of corporations.

And this is a very boring analysis of the matter, since it is extremely obvious.

Same can be said about Iraq, Afghanistan, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Korea, Grenada, Cuba, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Yemen, Indonesia, Yugoslavia, Hungary and even Jerusalem if you go back far enough.

History is littered with these pointless mercenary wars that where men die not for principles, ideology or virtues, but rather for the ambitions of their corrupt leaders.

Ukraine is fighting for Lockheed-Martin, Fabrique Nationale, Heckler & Koch, Microsoft and many other fiefdoms of capitalism.

Similarly, Russia is fighting for the post-Soviet status quo that was, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, built by the bratyas at the behest the oligarchs that were spearheaded by the Mogilevich syndicate.

This is the age of Russian-American friendship. When Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin would smile before the many media outlets of the world. Slowly introducing one of Europe’s last bastions of civilisation to the brutal machinations of capitalism, one toe-tag at a time.

Just as how western capitalism was built at the tip of a sword, so was eastern capitalism built at the end of a baseball bat. As banditry was rewritten into nobility, slavery into property, and mafia into businessmen.

From the land wars of the Irish countryside, to the rape and pillage of the East Indies, capitalism is baptised in a series of holocausts dotted throughout the world. The sheer volume of such violence is unfathomable to the human imagination.

For instance, the origins of capitalism in Vietnam begins with how French soldiers would rape women who were forced to watch their husbands get roasted alive on a spit over a campfire.

The origins of capitalism in Indonesia begins with how people would go missing in the night, only to find them the next morning ritualistically placed in the middle of the road with fresh garotte marks on their throats.

The origins of capitalism in India begins with miles and miles of road along the shoreline, morbidly decorated with thousands upon thousands of hanging bodies. As the lobsterbacks made their way into the cities.

The origins of capitalism in Latin America begins with piles and piles of dead bodies, whose lungs had been petrified by silica exposure from the colonial silver mines, as orphaned children would have to survive by walking along the roads and selling their bodies.

So what then, precisely, is there to say about Ukraine?

To say about this conflict that sheltered idiots regard as profoundly violent? It is to say that there isn’t much to say. It is to say that you have managed to be astonished by a single drop of blood in an ever expanding ocean. It is to say that you have successfully discovered a single malignant cell in a festering tumour that have been growing for the last 800 years.

There is nothing peculiar or new about Ukraine. What makes Ukraine so miserable is not that it is extraordinary, but rather at how ruefully mundane it is. That America is beginning to run out of people to kill in the third world, and has now elected to start colonising Europe.

I would say that my heart breaks for the Ukrianian people, Russian speaking or otherwise. But I already started this piece with an empty cliche, and who am I to bring yet another burden to these people by throwing empty platitudes at them?

In truth, I wish them nothing. Because I am in a NATO country. The last thing they need from the likes of me is yet another favour.