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Ukrainian War Stories: #3

Nadiia from Mykolayiv

My friend Nadiia (Lwazi Mosley)

To anyone who does not know, there is a war in Ukraine now. We survive as best we can. We are scared. I do not know what will happen next and when it will all end. We want the war to end soon, because in some cities (for example, Volnovakha) people do not have light, water and food, and this is very scary.

Not everyone has the opportunity to escape, and the government does not care about the population. In my city there is light, water, gas and heating. But, it’s still very scary that they can be turned off, that there may not be food and other necessary things for life, such as medical supplies.

Sirens, gunshots, explosions are periodically heard. And at night looters go and try to get into people’s apartments. The government has given out weapons to everyone without control, and this is also scary. We don’t live here, we survive.

We experience constant fear and anxiety for our loved ones. I am writing all this, not so that you will feel sorry for us. I am writing so that you understand what is happening in Ukraine. And if someone has the desire and opportunity to somehow help Ukraine and its peaceful citizens… you can do it. (don’t ask me how you can do this).. I don’t know.



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