Unbreakable, Split, And Glass. 3 Techniques To Unleash The Shadow Gods Within You.

2. Never Split The Difference

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He has some conditions that make his bones crack. He balances his weak body with a strong brain. His name is Elijah, aka Mr. Brain.

He is a regular guy. He has a typical 9 to 5 job. Yet he has superhuman strength and can sense the bad in people. His name is David, aka Mr. Body.

Elijah and David are the two main protagonists in Unbreakable, the first movie by the famous director M. Night Shyamalan, most known for The Six Sense.

He has multiple personalities, more precisely 24 of them struggling to get some shed of his light. His name is Kevin, aka Mr. Beast.

Kevin and his 24 other identities are the main protagonists in the second movie of the Unbreakable trilogy, Split.

In Glass, the final act of the trilogy, the Brain, the Body, and the Beast meet in a last act to resolve their issue. The three superheroes, Elijah, David, and Kevin, will unleash their power to their fullest potential.

He can feel the sun burning his skin. He continues wandering in the Sahara desert. He has not slept for weeks.

He has not eaten for days. He has not drunk water for hours. His only companion in this journey in the desert has been Mr. Shadow.

We should take a break, said Mr. Shadow to Mad. I know that you want to find your oasis, but you are not in the right direction, he continues saying to Mad.

I don’t want to listen to you, replied a disoriented and dehydrated Mad. His lips were cracking, and his head was aching like hell. All he wanted was just one drop of water.

Mad silenced his only friend on this journey, Mr. Shadow. In retaliation, Mr. Shadow withheld the information about the map to the oasis.

Now, both are paying the price because of their lack of communication.

Elijah, David, and Kevin are evolving in one cinematic universe. So are Mad and Mr. Shadow. The only difference is that the MCU (Mad Cinematic Universe) is within him.

As human beings, we all have our cinematic universes from within. Those are vast, with many…



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