Want To Invite Resilience In Your Life? Assemble Your Team Of Avengers.

This Is Not The Endgame. This Is Just The Beginning.

Ahmadou DIALLO ✪
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6 min readDec 28, 2020


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The end of the year is a great moment to sit down and reflect on the past 12 months. 2020 has been a very challenging year for us, humanity, and the course of our lives.

As many people list their accomplishments, I want to take another angle. For me, this year has not been about my accomplishments.

I have done some things here and there. I have also failed in many areas in my private and professional lives.

I wanted to find a new position at work. I failed. With some friends, we wanted to launch our sport application. We were unable to achieve the beta version in 2020.

I failed to be more connected with my friends and my family. Not just because of the pandemic. But also because I am more comfortable with a monk’s life than with the one of a social being.

Of course, I can do better in most of those areas. Yet this is not the point I want to highlight here. I want to say that, despite those failures, despite 2020 and all its challenges for me, I still navigated through the year.

I was hit by the storms of lockdowns, working from home, the anxiety of catching the virus, the expectations to perform at work despite the pandemic, and much more storms.

What has helped me get through this journey through a dark time in the most violent storm I have witnessed so far is an exercise I did in 2018.

I sat down and built my own team of Avengers and propelled them into the sky to be my North Stars.

Before we go on how I assemble my team of Avengers, let me introduce to you some of them.


When I share a quote every day, when I write in my own way, when I dance, when I slam, when I initially answer Airbus Customers, when I find new ways to do old things, when I optimize my time to do more, when I write, I am expressing my creative potential.




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