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War is in Us

Absurdity of war — episode 5: “Don’t try to eradicate evil”

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The system is based on war. Or to be more precise, on a war mindset. The war mindset creates polarisation in society and keeps the system running in its current form. To have the war mindset is to be heavily chained by ego. The main dysfunction of ego is perceiving the world as a matter of good and bad, which are essentially nothing more than subjective perceptions. What is good for Putin is bad for Zelensky, right? And the other way around. To be chained by ego is to identify with subjective perceptions and make moral judgments based on your position. It is to make your identity based on those judgments. The war mindset is the most advanced stage of such a corrosive mind pattern.

Once the war-mindset loosens up, the full picture can be seen. Absurdity of war can be seen.

Recently, I wrote an article “Let’s all surrender to Putin.” The article was a thought experiment because I am aware that surrender is not an option as long as we are collectively in the grip of ego. For being able to surrender, we must first surrender our egos and surrender our war mindset.

The system is based on war, yes. But people are the main engine of the system. We are the virus, you remember?

We are the war. Governments and the media only enhance the war mindset and therefore enhance polarisation in society. But one can only be conned by the media if he is already conned by his ego, if he seeks war, if he seeks validation of his stance through the media.

Once we are ready to surrender our war mindset, is when peace will fill up the earth. Putin, Zelensky and others only represents the collective war mindset. Let’s not forget — every country has a government it deserves!

To surrender to Putin wouldn’t give him a stimulation to rule everybody. It would make him surrender too. War mindset is what gives him the stimulation to rule everybody.

“War is a mindset, and all action that comes out of such a mindset will either strengthen the enemy, the perceived evil, or, if the war is won, will create a new enemy, a new evil equal to and often worse than the one that was defeated,” says a philosopher and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle.

Do you know who doesn’t have the war mindset, though? Chris Rock! Chris Rock doesn’t have the war mindset. That day on the Oscars, Chris Rock showed us what it means to be free of the war mindset. Not only he didn’t slap Will Smith back, but he even made a joke about being slapped straight away.

“Yes, but he is a comedian, that is his job,” you might say.

Exactly! Comedy is what appears when you are not in the grip of ego, when you can see the other side of the story, and therefore not take the assault personally. Not generate suffering. Comedy is a mindset when you can laugh at all the atrocities created by ego. That is what, in my humble opinion, makes comedy art of all arts and stand up comics champions of freedom. You can laugh to the absurdity and just be free no matter what kind of assault you are happen to be under.

And what happened next, after the Oscars? The comedy has prevailed. Laughter has prevailed. Have you seen the Grammy award ceremony the other day? People were having laughs about the Oscars incident. Fear has not prevailed. And it could have. If only Chris Rock shared the same war mindset as Will Smith, and slapped him back, the atmosphere of fear and anxiety would have been dominating in the world of showbiz these days. And it is not.

I am not comparing Will Smith to Putin, although the mind pattern is the same. Putin’s has just happened to reach a very acute stage of that blindness. They have both got lost in some illusion of believing they are defending something. From what? From who? From comedians? There is nothing to be defended against the joke because comedy is peace itself.

Zelensky is apparently comedian as well. I am not sure about that, really. Comedian is a mindset. It is the mindset that arises when the war mindset declines. I haven’t seen that Chris Rock’s humour and acceptance that comes when one is free of the war mindset. Zelensky deals with the war mindset with the war mindset.

Peace can never be achieved that way.

Again, I am aware we as a collective are not ready to surrender yet, but I will leave you with another quote from Eckhart Tolle that might help free you from the war mindset if you happen to be endangered.

“In certain cases, you may need to protect yourself or someone else from being harmed by another, but beware of making it your mission to “eradicate evil” as you are likely to turn into the very thing you are fighting against.”

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