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War is Not a Game — Get Out of the Coliseum

This is not for your entertainment.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

What is this I am seeing below the Medium search bar right now?

I’m not reading it.

I’m not reading a single article that promotes war.

“William, what the fuck are you talking about? Medium isn’t promoting war.”

“Then why is this link below the search bar on the front page?”

“It’s because people are concerned.”

“About what?”

“About the war.”

“What about peace?”

“Peace is a result of war.”


“You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.”

“Are eggs the same as people to you?”


“Then what is this link for? Does it lead to instructions on how to cook an omelet?”

“No, it leads to stories that are breaking, where people in Ukraine need help.”

“Do you know that in life you get what you give?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means when you use the word War repeatedly, it continues manifesting.”

“That’s bullshit.”

“Okay, then let’s try an experiment. Instead of linking to this —

Why not link to this?

And this?

So that we may finally save the world?”

“Because all you talk about is bullshit. In the Ukraine, things are real.”

“And where are you, right now? In the Ukraine?”


“But you are there in your mind. And you’re imagining bombs going off, aren’t you?”

“Fuck you.”

“Exactly. What goes around comes around. Life is a boomerang. Love is truth.”

“You’re a piece of shit.”

“I am love, I am.”

“You speak like a cult leader. I bet you that is what you are planning on becoming.”

“Not needed when you have men like Zelenskyy walking around in army fatigues and an AK pointed at the camera. That, is the uniform of a cult leader. How soon humanity forgets these things.”

Illustration by author.

“You’re a dumb cunt.”

“I am love, I am.”

“I don’t know why they haven’t banned you yet on Medium. All you do is fucking complain and talk about spiritual shit you know nothing about. You don’t know about God. I’ve read your work. I read your article on Mexico City. You’re a machista, and a hypocrite. Couldn’t take the heat, and returned to the states. You abandoned your children, you cunt.”

“I am love, I am.”

“You’ll never make it on Medium. I’ll make sure that the admins hear about this, and what you are saying. I’ll make sure your articles get flagged and never distributed, so that even if you try and send something out that’s important, no one will see it. The world is shit because of white men with privilege like you.”

“I am love, I am.”

“Say that again and I’ll spit in your face.”

“I am love, I am.”

“There, see? I told you I would do it.”

“I am love, I am.”

“Oh, big man is embracing love, huh? Going out there and making a big fuss during Women’s History Month. Hey, you know why men only have one day in November?”

“I don’t.”

“It’s because women are working on removing men from history.”

“I am love, I am.”

“You use love as a weapon.”

“I am love, I am.”

“You use it to try and break me down.”

“I am love, I am.”

“Stop saying that!”

“Then please let me pass so I may get into my car and go home.”



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