“Mom!! There Is No Fire in Hell. Everyone Brings Their Own” — Faqir Watayo

I understand that there is a lot of stress, grief, and concern in the world, yet everyone wants to be happy and avoid pain

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Whether you believe it or not, I believe that heaven and hell are both all around us. The decision is made by our thoughts, habits, and subconscious. We fall into its trap, and yes, we become its slaves. In my perspective, our heart is a blend of our thoughts, habits, and unconscious.

Humans have a problem — we never consider that heaven and hell exist in our lives. Our adversary, as well as our friend, both are within us. Both happiness and pain reside within us. If we live this life for the sake of humanity and become true and upright human beings, we will be living in heaven; otherwise, this life is not less than hell.

Let’s see — If someone has a habit of lying, how long will he lie? If someone has a habit of cheating, how long will he continue to cheat? If someone has a habit of stealing, how long will he continue to steal? It’s the habits, it’s the thought, it’s the unconsciousness that makes our life a hell. Happiness is in our thoughts, in our habits. Happiness is within us. Happiness is an option and we choose it.

Life is full of both happiness and sadness. I understand that there is a lot of stress, grief, and concern in the world, yet everyone wants to be happy and avoid pain.

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A poet prays to God Almighty to show him heaven and hell. He presented it in a poem, the summary of which is as follows:

The poet visits the hell. There are bowls in front of the people of Hell, which have something to eat but the problem is that there are no joints in the arms of the people of Hell, their arms cannot bend and they cannot eat. Hellish people are hungry, they see the food in the cups but they can’t eat it.
The poet then presents the view of heaven. The same bowls are lying in front of the people of Paradise in which there is something to eat. There are no joints in their arms too but unlike the people of Hell, the people of Paradise are feeding each other. And they are well fed.

This world is heaven if a man dedicates his life to serving humanity; nevertheless, if his life is entirely focused on himself, this world is hell. Whether he knows or not, the pain of hell will find him in some way.

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Faqir Watayo is a very famous Sindhi character. On a very cold night, his mother says to him, you are very close to God. It’s too cold tonight. Can’t you request Allah to send a little fire from Hell to earth so that poor people like us can stay warm in this cold?

Wataya gave a very beautiful answer and his answer compelled me to read Faqir Wataya and quote him. Watayo said.

“Mom !! There is no fire in hell. Everyone brings their own fire.”

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