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We are What We Eat

Eat well to live well. A life-changing lesson from one person’s awakening.

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We are What We Eat — Food is essential for human survival, more so from an existential necessity point of view that substances we ingest become part of us, the complex process of chemical breakdown of raw materials provides the energy for bodily functions and raw components to build and repair cells, tissues, and organs. The body is a well-run factory of systems at the mercy of our care and maintenance. If we put junk in, we get the junk out. Don’t make your body a junkyard, we ought to watch what we take in on a regular basis, rather than having a health crisis to remind ourselves of this fact.

Check and Balances — There are chemical wastes being generated in every level of the body (from digestive leftovers to DNA fragments), these unwanted wastes are the body’s ultimate rejects, left uncleared they accumulate and become detrimental to the normal operations of cellular functions. In the form of unstable radicals, for example, they wreak havoc beyond cells, and damage our internal DNA programming, leading to genetic mutations that facilitate cancer formation. This is a frequent occurrence, damaged cells or components happen on a daily basis. But thanks to our immune system which picks up the slack and gets rid of this trash for us.

On some bad days though, when the system is overrun such as when we had a physically stressful day, toxic substances run amok in the body, and we become especially vulnerable to suffer the consequence of illness. Over time, if our internal clean-up crews can’t function to clear out the wastes at their normal efficiency, chaos is sure to ensue, and that is when we get a “big sick” — a health crisis that forces us to scream to the open sky, “oh why God, why me?!”

Medicinal Power of Foods — Foods are more than substances that fill the hunger, they nourish and rejuvenate the body as well as prevent and fight against diseases. I am convinced that humanity has long recognized food’s medicinal powers since the ancient days when the Chinese, for example, had spent thousands of years perfecting complex systems of recipes using mainly plants, herbs, and spices to cure sicknesses and prolong longevity. In fact, this practice is still going strong today, known popularly as Chinese Traditional Medicine, it is a fully accredited medical intervention practice operating in parallel with its sister Western Medicinal practice in China. The two have never been in conflict but used synergistically and constructively to treat illnesses and improve wellbeing.

I was a Chinese Traditional Medicine skeptic for a long time, even with my sister being a Chinese medicinal doctor, I refused to accept this type of treatment strategy based on empirical and observational data without being vetted by modern scientific rigor.

It was such arrogance that limited my own understanding, and to acknowledge that I simply don’t know enough to dismiss eons of well-documented population observations and studies. There is so much to discover, comprehend and realize how seemingly disparate notions to the same problem may converge as the elegant solution after all. Heck, there may even be a unifying cure for surmounting human health limitations one day. Why not humble ourselves and embrace all likelihoods and possibilities?!

If you are interested in reading more about the medicinal power of foods, feel free to check out this other short article that I wrote — Eat to Beat Diseases.

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